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This Lyft Uber Newsletter site is provided to you by Rich, an Uber driver and Lyft driver. The site is about:

  • His experience as a Lyft and Uber driver
  • The nuts and bolts of becoming an Uber or Lyft driver or passenger
  • Uber and Lyft comparison
  • Opinions about Uber and LyftRIch Uber Driver
  • Types of service that Uber provides
  • Ways to order Uber online
  • Tips for riders and drivers

Rich started driving in the summer of 2015 in Portland Oregon.

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Inger, an Uber and Lyft rider, is the editor of the site.  She works as a business manager for a Portland, Oregon personal injury law firm. Her interests lie in:Inger Uber Blogger



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A little about Lyft and Uber

The idea of peer to peer sharing puts fear into the hearts of big corporations. Allowing strangers to occupy your vehicle appeared frightening in the beginning. Now, Uber and Lyft are at the forefront of offering peer to peer ridesharing, with their apps being the next innovation in technology.

The concept of how to use these services is simple. You download an app on your smartphone, and with a push of a button you can either request a ride or offer feedback. If you are a driver you can search for pick ups or even request a payout.

How Uber and Lyft started

Both companies began in the middle of tech nation in San Francisco’s Silicone Valley. The idea behind this business model came from the fact that before Uber and Lyft, it was next to impossible to catch a taxi or cab in less than an hour in high profile cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles or even New York City.

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Uber began as UberCab and over the last few years dropped the cab and just became Uber.

What is so great about Uber and Lyft?

With these ridesharing apps, there are drivers waiting around to offer their services to you.
The app is user friendly; utilizing your phone’s GPS to provide you with the services you need. Signing up is easy, you simply enroll for an account, add a credit card to your account and you are ready to Uber!  If you want to know how much it costs for a ride, you can check on the app or go to

Making cash with Lyft and Uber

If you want to earn some cash with a car that you have and become a driver, join the Uber community by enrolling to be a driver.

You just have to:

  • answer a few basic questions
  • complete a background checkcropped-dreamstime_xs_544420481.jpg

and before you know it, you will be part of a large ridesharing network in your community.

The same steps apply for Lyft as well. Lyft  and Uber also provides drivers with additional insurance protection to help put your mind at ease. Both services provide you as a rider or driver with the option to offer feedback regarding your experience. This helps everyone in the community to weed out the bad apples.

Flavors and advantages of Lyft and Uber

Both Uber and Lyft offer additional options for the ridesharing program. You can upgrade the type of vehicle that you ride in or even share a ride with others that are going your way in some cities. By participating, you are saving time and often money over using traditional taxi and cab services and you belong to a community where you are meeting new people when you drive.Uber Newsletter

How many times have you fumbled around looking for cab fare and not having enough money to pay? With these apps, you pay with the click of a button using the credit card you signed up with. You know the range of the amount of your ride before you put in a request for one if you do a ride request.

You don’t have to worry about calling a taxi or hailing a cab or enduring the one hour wait in most areas. You simply request a ride or pick up and within minutes you will have a driver or passenger right at your feet.
As a driver, these services give you the flexibility to work when you want. As a passenger, the wait is over and you are contributing to a service that benefits everyone. It isn’t about Uber vs Lyft, it’s all about ridesharing. It doesn’t matter if you prefer Uber vs Lyft or vice versa, it’s about peer to peer sharing and belonging to a welcoming community. Both companies provide services nationwide, so no matter where you are you are ready to Uber or Lyft!


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  1. I’ve been deployed to Bahrain and after being ripped off by some local taxi operators noticed that Uber operates in the country. I’ve never used Uber before so was wondering how billing works. I don’t have an in-country back account / credit card so if I put in my home country credit card details will I be charged for currency conversion on top of the taxi fare?

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