Best Used Car For Uber Drivers Is The Prius

You may accuse me of being a little biased because I am a two time Prius owner, but they really are one of the best used cars for Uber drivers. How much you spend on your car impacts how much you make as an Uber driver, and so drivers need a car that is fuel efficient, has an impressive mpg, as well as a high resell value. best used car for uber drivers is the PriusIf you’re considering non-hybrid cars, you will find a ton of competitors that provide a more engaging drive, though they will be hard-pressed to match Prius’ fuel economy. It isn’t just the reduced gas bills that wow Uber drivers. The Prius is also incredibly spacious, with a huge backseat and sufficient room for cargo. It also features a ton of features for the driver and passengers safety and convenience. So, let’s explore some of the reasons that make Prius the best cars to drive for Uber.

Gas saving

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, fuel efficient car, then Prius is your best option. The Toyota Prius is a hybrid electric car that combines the use of a traditional internal combustion engine with an electric system. The end result is a car that uses less gas per mile when compared to its competitors. This, of course, translates directly into more cash for the driver, owing to reduced fuel bills.

Resale value

Every Uber driver should know that gas costs are extremely important when working out how much they take home per week. However,best used cars for uber drivers most of them fail to consider how certain cars depreciate in value faster than others. If you’ve spent a lot on your ride for your new career, it’s advantageous for it to retain its value when it comes time to sell it on. Besides being fuel efficient, Prius depreciates more slowly from year to year, when compared with other models. Most Uber drivers drive a lot and yet Prius seems to retain its value much better than its competitors. This means Prius can keep you in business for many years and when its finally time to hang up your keys for the last time, you can sell it on for a higher price than you would manage with other types of new cars.

Mileage deduction

Aside from low emissions and great gas mileage, Prius can net you hundreds of dollars in tax refund. The Prius is among one of three hybrid vehicles to be certified by the IRS for the deduction. Of the two options for deducting your car expenses, the standard mileage rate is by far the simplest to use. To know your mileage deduction, multiply your business miles by the IRS standard mileage rate for 2016. The standard mileage is set by IRS each year. The Mileage Rate for 2016 is 54 cents per mile.


The car’s petrol-electric hybrid drive-train allows near-silent, electric-only travel around town. Even when it switches to its petrol engine mode, the tranquility is not ruined entirely. It handles well enough on open roads and is tolerable on longer motor-way trips. Ride comfort is great around town – though the suspension can get a bit noisy over lumps and bumps. Prius uses electric power alone when you drive in town, but switches to petrol engine when engaging in longer commutes, on the highway.


Toyota offers an extensive range of service packs for all of its models, as well as fixed-price servicing. This helps people on a tighter budget get the repairs they need. The Toyota Prius owner also receives a free hybrid system check with every service for their vehicle. The fact that Prius comes with a lot of high-tech hardware, needn’t concern owners. They are actually a lot easier to service than you would expect. There are a ton of forums where owners exchange maintenance tips, technical information and modifications online. These can be a great source of hands-on insight and give valuable hints and tips, free of charge.


Prius cars come with a total of seven airbags and Toyota’s complete Safety Sense system. This best used cars for uber driversfeatures an adaptive cruise control which maintains a safer distance between you and the vehicle in front. The mechanism may even bring the Prius to a sudden stop if necessary. Moreover, all Prius models come equipped with pre-collision brake assist, automatic high beam, lane departure warning, road sign and assist. “Business Edition Plus” and “Excel” models come with park assist, while “Business Edition” models get a blind spot monitor and back cross traffic alert.


Toyota Prius is among the most affordable and safest vehicles to own. When you factor in fuel cost, depreciation, insurance premiums, loan interest, sales tax, repairs and maintenance, the car adds up to $0.47 per mile. Compare this number with other models, and you will see why the Prius is the best car for Uber drivers.


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    • Yes, my partner just bought a Prius for his Uber driving and he loves it. He was driving a gas guzzling handicap van prior to this purchase.

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