Black Ubers Are Luxury Taxis

Introduction to Black Ubers

black ubersThere are different types of Uber services and all have a different set vehicle requirements that can vary from city to city. Black Ubers are just one of several Uber services available. The UberX is the standard, basic and most common type of service offered.

Black Ubers were one of the original type of Uber car that the company started with. Uber frequently contracted with limousine services at the start of its business.

UberBlack offers a more professional service using higher-end vehicles. The drivers themselves are still expected to meet the same basic requirements that must be met by any Uber driver. For instance, drivers must be twenty-one years old or above and have at least three years of driving experience. They must also have a clean, in-state drivering license.

What is UberBlack?

Woman getting out of a luxury black Ubers carBlack Ubers are Uber’s luxury service. They offer a level of comfort that is more inline with a limo ride than the rest of its services. Put simply, it allows passengers get from one point to another in style. Once an individual has requested this service, a high-end spacious SEDAN is sent to them. If lucky, one can also travel in an excellent luxury SUV. This happens when an UberSUV driver happens to be in close proximity to the passenger’s location when the passenger makes a request.

UberBlack does cost more than the standard UberX service. Passengers should expect to pay around twice as much.

UberBlack cars must be no more than four years old, although requirements can vary from one city to the next. They can legally carry no more than four passengers and have stylish black leather interiors.

Drivers tend to vary but generally UberBlack drivers are well-dressed, well-mannered and professional service providers.

UberBlack services require the driver to carry commercial car insurance, a Transportation Charter Permit, and an airport permit.

How UberBlacks are different from UberX, UberXL and Uber Select

It is important to remember that every service has its own requirements about the type of vehicle allowed.

While you should never receive a less luxurious ride than the one requested, you might occasionally get lucky enough to travel in a higher tier vehicle. This happens when UberBlack drivers are short of jobs and therefore opt to accept UberX customers. Normally, during slow periods, a vehicle that operates in the UberSUV tier can decide to downgrade to an UberXL, UberBlack or UberX. This allows drivers to accept more work. Sometimes one can get lucky and get a nicer car then the one they requested.

If you’ve got a particular class of car in mind for your trip, make sure you request the correct category when booking.

The UberX is the most economical ride.

Cars in this particular category tend to offer vehicles that aren’t older than seven years, although this varies from city to city. They are four door vehicles and can comfortably accommodate at least four passengers (excluding driver).

Typical cars from this class include the Honda Accord or Civic and the Toyota Prius. These vehicles are road warriors therefore tend to be more worn.

The UberXL rides are for large parties.

Car models in the UberXL category tend to be seven years old or newer, although this varies from city to city. The vehicles can accommodate approximately six passengers excluding the driver. The UberXL, therefore, is the ideal option when one is attending some event together with more than a standard car-full of friends.

The UberSelect vehicles are for nice rides.

black mercededes c which is an uber select qualifying carUberSelect cars are normally seven years old or newer, although, again, this can vary from city to city. They are luxury sedans with leather seats and can accommodate only four passengers excluding the driver.

Cars in this category include

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  • BMW,
  • Audi,
  • Porsche,
  • Mercedes Benz,
  • Land Rover,
  • Acura,
  • Tesla,
  • Cadillac
  • and Lexus

These are just a few of the cars typical of this category and there are many other luxury rides available.

The UberSelect cars are great for night outs in town, airport runs or for people who are just looking to pamper themselves while they travel in style.

Drivers in this category exercise high degrees of professionalism and keep the luxury vehicles presentably clean. This service costs more than UberX, roughly twice as much.

The UberBlack cars are black sedans for four passengers

Cars in this category are very new and include models such as the

  • 5 and 7 series BMW
  • Audi A6 and A7,
  • Jaguar XF,
  • Lexus GS,
  • Mercedes Benz GL class,
  • E class,
  • G class,
  • S class

Again, there are many other luxury vehicles in this category but they all more than meet the most stringent comfort requirements.

These vehicles only carry a maximum of four passengers excluding the driver and drivers in this class exhibit a high level of professionalism. The UberBlack service has been able to give Uber a good reputation in the world of high business.

Conclusion about Black Ubers

The high standard of these vehicles, combined with their impeccably presented, professional drivers makes the UberBlack service a luxurious affair indeed. Like all Uber services, your driver will be equipped with commercial licenses and insurance. Their high-end luxury sedans and SUVs will ensure that you arrive at your destination in style and comfort.

UberBlack drivers are usually patient and more attentive to instructions given. They have good communication skills and know their city well. This helps them handle high volume trips.

They may open doors for passengers at pickup destinations and offer them a soda or complementary water bottles. Additionally, their fares are much lower when compared with most other luxury rides. UberBlack offers an affordable, classy choice for the more discerning passenger.


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