Can You Get Uber At The Airport?

How Can You Get Uber At The Airport For A Cheap Ride Into The City?

Uber taxi going to the airportWith the rapid growth of Uber throughout the world, more travelers are opting out of conventional forms of transportation. The convenience, ease and cost of Uber has definitely made it an attractive option for cross-city commutes. The number of airports, globally, that now welcome Uber cars in their taxi bays is also growing by the week.

It used to be the case that airports prohibit the pickup of passengers in airports, and Uber drivers and passengers would come up with devious ways to get around the rules. The reason for this was that arranging for an Uber is a more cost effective way and a much easier way to travel when compared to hailing a regular cab.

Luckily, all that seems to be changing now and many airports actively welcome Uber’s services in their passenger’s travel plans.

Travel Tips If You Want To Get Uber At The Airport

Here are some handy hints and tips to ensure that the end of your journey runs and seamlessly as possible:

  • Make sure you’re through all security checks and have your baggage with you before you order your car. The chances are, like using Uber in the city itself, that a car will be with you very quickly and, as such, its not fair on the driver to make them wait.  The time taken to get out of an airport can vary dramatically depending on circumstances outside of your control. You can always grab a coffee for a minute or two if the driver is not in the immediate vicinity.
  • If you have large luggage or are travelling in a group, request a high capacity vehicle. UberSUV or UberXL will make the remainder of your journey comfortable and safe.
  • Always be sure to find out which terminal you are in. Airports can be huge places and just saying ‘John F Kennedy International Airport’ will not be sufficient.

Which Airports Can I Use Uber at?

The following information has been taken directly from the Uber website. The list is constantly changing, so if the airport you require isn’t listed below, then check back at a later date:



  • Brasília International Airport
  • El Dorado International Airport
  • Lima-Jorge Chávez International Airport
  • Mexico City International Airport
  • Rio de Janeiro-Galeão International Airport
  • Santiago International Airport
  • Sao Paulo Congonhas Airport
  • São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport




  • Melbourne Airport
  • Perth Airport
  • Seoul Gimpo International Airport
  • Singapore Changi Airport
  • Surabaya Juanda International Airport
  • Sydney Airport
  • Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
  • Tan Son Nhat International Airport
  • Tokyo Haneda Airport
  • Tokyo Narita Airport

Ways To Get An Uber Pickup If Your Airport Is Not Listed

If your airport is not listed in the frankly enormous list above then do not despair just yet. It might simply be the case that the airport has only recently allowed Uber to operate in the area. Failing this, if the airport in question is less friendly towards the service, there are still ways around the restrictions.

Since some cities do not allow Ubers to pick up passengers at the airport, drivers often determine different areas to meet with clients.

Uber PickupPassengers who are regular Uber users are also privy to this dynamic and are often willing take a slightly longer walk in order to reach their Uber ride. Drivers, who do this may hide all their personal identification items from visibility.

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This is because some airports have officers at check posts outside and around the airport looking for Ubers. Some Uber drivers will politely ask the traveller to sit in the front seat. Likewise, some drivers ask passengers to load their own luggage into the trunk.

Meeting a friend or a family member is the most common excuse that these drivers give. That is why the airports, aware of the massive pickup rate is waiving the rules prohibiting pickup.

Tactics used by passengers to ensure they can use their favorite ride-share company at the airport

Passengers collude with drivers to receive a pick up as well. When you log on to the Uber app and select the pickup location, experienced passengers take the pin and drop it at a location just outside the airport.

When the driver calls to confirm the ride, they simply tell the driver that, they are in fact inside the airport and to pick them up from there. If the driver agrees and arrives, that’s great, if not they simply cancel the ride and repeat the same process until a driver agrees to pick them up. With most of Ubers having a slow rate of pickups around airports, drivers do not normally hesitate to enter.

Many hundreds of passengers open the Uber app in an airport looking to see if they can get an Uber at the airport but they often switch off the app when they learn that the Uber is technically prohibited at some locations.

Travellers should not underestimate the perks of Uber. They are often a lot cheaper than standard taxi fares, sometimes costing as little as half the standard price. Savings like this obviously provide the incentive to sometimes bend the rules to get an Uber at the airport.

Uber’s Take On The Matter

Uber maintains that allowing them access to airport pickup points is going to facilitate the smoother flow of traffic. Regulating the traffic in one direction, the driver drops of the passenger at the airport and the same car picks up another passenger and travels into the city. This can substantially reduce the number of vehicles waiting around the airport which is something that managers at large airports are keen to prevent.

Judging by the rapid expansion of Uber services at airports, those in charge of policy making are waking up to the idea. Why wouldn’t they want to drastically reduce the traffic outside their facilities?


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  1. Rideshare pickups without the proper credentials are illegal at Detroit Metro Airport. Uber still dispatches to the airport, and most drivers perform the pickup without incident. But technically, it IS a violation of the DTW airport ordinances.


    7. Transportation Network Companies

    Feedback: One commenter, a taxicab company identifying itself as a “Licensed transportation provider,” expressed concern that it is “hearing from other long time providers that there are ‘Special’ arrangements being considered and negotiated for and by Ride Share organizations at the airport.” The commenter further articulated this concern, writing as follows: “I would be completely opposed to any changes that would give “Special consideration” to any unlicensed, under insured and otherwise illegal operators.” Another commenter asked “[w]hat can I do to help bust non-MDOT operators?” While the Airport Authority is not certain about the specific operators to which this commenter is referring, it will assume based on context that these commenters are referring to transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Lyft.

    Additionally, two transportation network companies addressed concerns about the Regulations’ apparent incompatibility with the transportation network company business model. In particular, one transportation network company suggested of the Coupon/Permit process that it “requires payment of fees in a way that undermines the cashless experience for riders and drivers and financially impacts drivers regardless of whether rides occur.”

    Response: The Airport Authority has considered all of the above comments concerning transportation network companies and declines to revise the Regulations in response. The Regulations do not provide special consideration to or special arrangements for TNCs.

    The Airport Authority Board previously considered revisions to the Airport Ordinance which would have brought TNCs into compliance with the Airport Ordinance. At that time, the Airport Authority Board voted to table consideration of these revisions, with some Board members expressing concern about enacting changes to the Airport Ordinance while proposed State legislation regulating TNCs is under consideration. Under the current regulatory framework at the Airport, TNCs and their drivers are Reserved, Pre-Arranged Operators, and they, just like all other Reserved, Pre-Arranged Operators, should be complying with applicable State of Michigan rules and regulations, and Airport Authority regulations applicable to this category of Ground Transportation Operators

    Nevertheless, Ground Transportation Operators of all types should rest assured that the Airport Authority – to the extent it adopts regulations or enters into permits or other contracts with TNCs – will attempt to make the playing field between traditional ground transportation companies and transportation network companies as level as possible under the circumstances. In doing so, the Airport Authority would also attempt to account for fundamental operating differences between traditional ground transportation companies and transportation network companies. Ultimately, it will be up to each passenger to choose which Ground Transportation Operator he or she prefers based on cost, service level, and other factors important to the passenger.


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