Do You Tip After Uber Ride? How Does Uber Tipping Work

If you’re a regular user of Uber cabs then you might have already witnessed the awkward standoff that can occur at the end of the ride. It can feel a little surreal to thank the driver, have him help you with your baggage from the trunk and then leave without any money changing hands. This is of course the beauty of the Uber system. Riders can enjoy a comfortable, safe ride even when they might have forgotten to stop by the ATM before the journey. For all its advantages, however, this ‘cash-less’ taxi service presents one glaring problem. Should you tip after an Uber ride?

The question has many people feeling uneasy based on their own opinions of tipping culture and the official company stance of the issue.
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To begin with, Uber themselves state that they do not require you to offer cash tips to the driver. According to the Uber website, the company asserts the taxi riding experience they provide for their clients is specifically designed to do away with need to reach into your wallet at the culmination of the ride.

Consequently, Uber advises its drivers to decline cash tips as the whole payment process is conducted within the mobile phone app itself. However, the firm does not forbid its drivers to accept tips, if their passenger insists on it.

Here are some considerations to ponder when answering that all-important question: To tip, or not to tip?


1. Uber drivers make more money than regular taxi drivers

The primary motivation with which Uber justifies their stance on tipping is the undeniable fact that their drivers are known to earn around $6 extra an hour on top of ordinary taxi drivers rates. In accordance to this, the company regards the tipping process to be superfluous. Understandably, not all Uber drivers are happy about this arrangement.

· True, Uber drivers do earn more money in hourly rates than most other taxi drivers. However, when they’ve taken into account the overall expenses they have in the delivery of their service, the extra payment does not always fully recompense them.

· As an Uber driver, you are expected to shell out for gas, car insurance and maintenance costs in order to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. These additional expenses can certainly create a substantial dent in the weekly wages of an Uber driver.tipping woman

· Many Uber drivers really wish that the company let them accept cash tips. They can really make the difference when it comes to making ends meet.


2. The tipping culture and Uber drivers

The culture of tipping is a long-established norm that allows customers to financially reward those offering the highest levels of service. It seems strange, therefore, to many Uber drivers that the company that employs them does not allow their drivers to reap the benefits of their own good service.

Like most individuals, you perhaps already tip a waiter who serves you in a restaurant, or your hairdresser in the salon. It only seems right, therefore, that you are allowed to offer a cash tip to your Uber driver, especially if you feel the service you received was exceptional.

The drivers themselves are often noted for their unmatched professionalism and the courteous service they provide to their passengers. A tip is simply the acknowledgement of their hard work and it seems right that a customer should be able to show their gratitude in a way that is useful for the driver.


3. UberTaxi services take into account a gratuity fee

As you are probably already aware, UberX, UberBlack and UberSUV services do not come with any tipping options within the app itselftipping man. However, the UberTaxi payment service factors in a twenty percent gratuity fee which is offered to the driver after they have performed their duties. This is meant to be in lieu of a tip and should appease those who just don’t feel right leaving the vehicle without any money changing hands.


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Hopefully, the above considerations should have helped you to decide whether or not to tip your Uber driver. It should be remembered that Uber drivers really do offer impeccable taxi hailing services, which most regular taxi drivers would be hard pressed to deliver.

Unfortunately for many drivers, most passengers don’t tip. Rich is lucky if he receives one tip every twenty rides.

If the above has convinced you of the necessity to tip your driver at the end of their service then you’ll need to know how best to do it.


Ways to Tip Your Uber Driver

If you do want to tip your driver, and trust me they will be grateful, you can do so in several ways. The easiest way is to simply carry some cash with you.  If you have no cash, ask them if they have a square reader for tipping. Some services have also been set up to allow for easy Uber tipping such as Trip Cam.


Final thoughts: Do you Tip After an Uber Ride?

Therefore, when it comes to the previously mentioned question, do you tip after an Uber ride? The answer is simply a matter of personal preference and inclination. It’s worth considering that quite a large number of Uber drivers have decided to petition the company to include a tipping functionality within the app their clients make use of.

These drivers claim that most of them rely on this job as their primary source of income, and obtaining cash tips can go a long way in assisting them to meet their financial obligations. It remains to be seen how Uber will respond to the petition that has seen over ten thousand individuals sign.

Until then, should you feel the need to appreciate an Uber driver in terms of a cash tip, you can do so if you so desire. It’s entirely up to you!



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