Drive Uber With An Old Car Or No Car

Is it possible to drive Uber with an old car or no car of your own? Yes it is!!

Don’t Have a suitable car to drive with Uber? Uber requires a late model car that is five to fifteen years old or less, depending on your city. You may still be able to drive if you are in one of these areas (more coming) by using Uber’s lease program:

Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Greater Maryland, Houston, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orange County, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle, Tacoma, Washington DC, San cropped-list-of-car-insurance-companies-e1447648677694.jpgAntonio, State College, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa. Rentals available with Enterprise-Rent-A-Car in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, Denver, and New Jersey.

Getting started Driving with Uber with an old car or no car is easy:

You must first sign up to drive with Uber to get a bonus of up to $1000, depending on your city, to be eligible to apply for the leasing program. Please make sure you get your signup bonus by using using the link above or the promo code 4vavx89vue, after you download the driving app. Click here to make it easy or copy it down and enter the code when prompted upon sign up.

After you have signed up visit and select “I need a car”.


What are the requirements for the Uber lease?

• “All credit levels eligible to apply, even if you have poor credit or no credit history.”
• Drivers must be approved to drive with Uber
• Agree to weekly payment deduction with Uber


What are the lease details?Signup as an Uber Driver

The Uber website lists the following terms (please make sure you also read the terms for yourself):
• $250 deposit
• Multi-year leases with the option for drivers to return their vehicles after thirty days with a two week notice. $250 fee (you lose the deposit) plus whatever payments are owed.
• No mileage limit. Uber wants to encourage you to drive as much as possible. This is rare in a lease.
• Routine maintenance included.
• Liability insurance included, there is no additional insurance required to drive for Uber.
• Participating car manufacturers include: Toyota, GM, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, VW, and Chrysler.
• You can get a new or used car lease. It is usually quite unusual to get used car leases.

• See sample lease terms here.


Other alternatives to an Uber lease

In some locations, Rental cars by the week are available from companies like Hertz and Enterprise.


What about a phone to use for the app?

You can also get an iPhone from Uber for $10 a week, taken out of your pay.


How much do Uber drivers make?

See our article for more information on Uber drivers average takings.

       Uber Drivers, get some Great Deals on replacement parts for your car at!


Why drive for Uber with a minimum investment?

Increasing numbers of people are turning their backs on the rat race and becoming self-employed. It’s only natural in a world where employees are referred to as ‘human resources’ that a person would want to become their own boss. What’s not to like about the situation? You can work when you want, rest when you need and can finally forget about which sock-tie combination will best impress upper cropped-dreamstime_xs_544420481.jpgmanagement. If you need to save up for a special vacation, you can take on extra hours and when the time comes for your romantic getaway, there’s no one to stop you jetting off for the week.

The flexibility and freedom that self-employment affords allows people more control over their own lives. In the rest of this article, we will discuss perhaps the simplest and fastest route to self-employment, that almost anyone can do.


Drive with Uber or Lyft to quickly start your own business

Ride sharing has to be the quickest way you can go self-employed today. There’s a lot of advantages to being a Uber or Lyft driver and many of them overlap with what we’ve already said about self-employment in general. In addition to these, there’s a lot of job satisfaction in helping people to get where they need to be and you will certainly meet some characters along the way. Have you ever met a taxi driver who didn’t have an amazing story to accompany your journey? Thought not, and neither have I.

The financial incentive of your new career choice is obviously an important consideration too. Graham McGreggor in an article entitled Lessons from a Millionaire Taxi Driver refers to a cab driver he encountered when visiting Australia. Apparently, after thirty-five years in the game, McGreggor’s taxi driver had built up an extensive property portfolio, featuring seven Sydney homes, including his own million dollar Bondi Beach residence! In the right location, ferrying people across the city can be seriously big business and if you’re willing to work late into the night on weekends, it can be very rewarding.


Driving for a Living

Of course, in the past the job of a cab driver had a certain stigma attached to it but thanks to recent technological improvements and companies like Uber and Lyft, things are definitely changing. Thanks to these companies’ revolutionary interactive tracking services, it’s very easy to take or refuse jobs. Remember, you’re the boss and if you don’t like the neighborhood, or perhaps the person you’re picking up is just too buzzed, you’re not obliged to pick them up.

By this point those of you with your own cars are probably already considering your new life on the road. If you’re over twenty-one, have a clean driving record and your vehicle passes a basic safety test, then you could be eligible. All you have to do is apply.


Don’t have a car? Don’t give up hope just yet.

As we’ve already mentioned, Uber offers a program leasing vehicles to aspiring drivers and it really couldn’t be simpler to apply. They are literally crying out for new drivers and by working with companies like Toyota, they are making it more affordable to join their team. Of course, the best thing about the whole scheme is the fact that you actually use the car to pay for itself. If you’ve ever wanted to own a nice big, spacious saloon but just didn’t have the money, then it’s the perfect solution. Even if your credit rating is poor , Uber still encourages you to apply, as stated in their own marketing material.

It’s a win-win situation really. You still get all the perks associated with self-employment only you get them all with a brand new car. You have the flexibility to pick and choose your own hours and you can still take a week off whenever you please. As long as you keep up with the repayment plan you arranged with Uber, everyone is happy. Driving a taxi for yourself is a flexible way to make a living or a great way to earn some extra money part time. It’s rewarding, entertaining, financially lucrative and now, thanks to Uber, affordable, even with bad credit.


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Sign up now as an Uber driver and receive a $25 to $750 bonus, depending on your city, after you start driving, or use the code 4vavx89vue

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