Women Uber Drivers: What You Need To Know

Female Uber DriversAre women Uber drivers a special breed?

Like Lyft, Uber offers a flexible earning opportunity for drivers throughout the country and around the globe. They take passengers from one location to another, using a vehicle which is often own personal vehicle. Drivers can choose to work on a part-time basis and have time outside of driving to dedicate to other jobs or recreational activities or they can create a full-time schedule with as many hours available as they choose. In this article, we’ll take look at some of the important things that female Uber drivers should really know.

The flexibility and earning potential make it a great opportunity for people from all lifestyles, but it can be especially appealing to stay-at-home moms looking for part-time work, college students, or those looking to make a living from today’s “gig economy.”

What to Expect as a Woman Uber Driver

Despite the benefits of driving for Uber, there tends to be a gender gap for drivers. More than 80% of drivers are male, so you should prepare yourself to be a bit of an anomaly if you’re a woman driver considering a stint with Uber.

As a result of their rare presence behind the wheel, female cab drivers for Uber or Lyft usually get a lot of questions from passengers related to the sheer fact they’re female. Passengers just aren’t used to female drivers because the industry is male dominated. If you’re a young woman and you drive for Uber, you can expect to hear, on a regular basis:

Woman Driver

  • Do you ever endure sexual harassment?
  • Do you need a background check?
  • Have you had any bad experiences?
  • Do you feel safe?
  • Do you get tipped?
  • Does your significant other/parents/friends/other loved ones worry about you?

Passengers mean well and are also curious about your experience. Women drivers allowing “strangers” to get into their car with them alone is outside of the social norms we’re used to and goes against every warning every woman has ever been given since she first got behind the wheel. Finding out you and other women like you do it for a living sparks curiosity.

If you intend to do this for any length of time, it’s best to get in the right frame of mind—appreciate their concern for your safety and come up with a standard way to answer their questions. It might even be good to diffuse some of the frustration the endless questions bring with humor.

Some companies are capitalizing on the concerns women have about safety, of both Uber drivers and passengers, by launching female-only services similar to Uber. According to one of the gender-specific services competing with Uber in Massachusetts, “The intent is to give female passengers peace of mind by ensuring another woman is always behind the wheel.”

Of course, you have the opportunity as a female driver with Uber to make the most of your rare existence. Some passengers will feel more comfortable with a female driver and will give you better reviews for that reason alone, which translates to higher earnings for you.

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Uber’s Ongoing Issues with Women

Uber, in general, has had some bad publicity when it comes to female drivers. The company announced in March 2015 it was committed to creating 1,000,000 jobs for women across the world in a joint effort with the United Nations. The UN immediately responded it was not involved in the event, despite Uber’s claims and issued the following statement:

“… we have not discussed opportunities to engage with Uber, including in the context of their commitment to create 1 million jobs for women in the next five years. At this point, we do not plan to expand the collaboration.”

The “miscommunication” was part of an ongoing problem Uber has with how the company is perceived in its regard for women. More than one male driver has been accused of sexual assault—just recently a Massachusetts driver was charged with multiple counts of rape—and in one incident, a female passenger was taken on an hour-long, 15-mile joyride while she slept in the backseat of the car. She awoke to a $293 bill.


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Uber’s Efforts to Keep ALL Drivers Safe

Of course, there are problems in every industry, many of which are related to harassment and gender, so it’s not as if female drivers will be exposed to anything that doesn’t occur in other jobs—in terms of harassment, at least. Female Uber drivers should take the same precautions they would take in any other similar situation and the same precautions all Uber drivers are encouraged to take.

According to Uber’s commitment to its drivers, posted on the company’s Uber website:

“Uber is dedicated to keeping people safe on the road. Our technology enables us to focus on driver safety before, during, and after every trip.”

The company does not allow anonymous pickups and requires all passengers to provide a name, email, and phone number before requesting a ride, and anonymizes phone numbers to keep drivers’ personal information private. Their app features turn-by-turn navigation and logs GPS data for all drivers, so the company knows who is being driven and where with each ride.

There is also no need to give change in cash—passengers pay via their online payment method on file with Uber or if they do pay in cash, change is given via the app. Tipping is not part of the app, but female drivers often report being given tips and many it’s at a rate higher than male drivers are offered.


Finally, the company monitors the reviews given to drivers to “ensure that everyone you pick up is as respectful as you are.” Riders who violate the TOS can be banned.

Are You a Woman Interested in Driving with Uber?

Woman Interested in Driving with Uber

Uber is constantly improving and is bound to hit some bumps along the way, but that doesn’t make it any less viable an earning opportunity for female drivers.


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