How Far Back Do Uber Background Checks Go?

Do you know how far back do Uber background checks go?

Uber BannerIf you have no idea of how far Uber background checks go, then don’t despair. This article should clear up any misunderstanding with regards the process of checks Uber carry out.

Any driver wishing to work as an Uber driver is supposed to go through a screening process that consists of various background checks. Uber contracts Checkr, a renowned background check service to conduct the screening on their behalf. The company does the screening and gives the results to Uber.

The following is a close look at these Uber background checks and how they are carried out.


Why and when does Uber conduct background checks?

The purpose of carrying out background checks is to find out if there are any offenses or information that may disqualify a prospective driver-partner from using Uber. Drivers need to consent so as to allow Uber to carry out background and driving record checks.

When you apply to become a driver-partner with Uber, your driver portal includes a link to the Uber background check consent form. You need to fill and submit the form for the background checks to begin.


Required sign up information

To sign up as an Uber driver-partner, you’re required to provide detailed information about yourself. This includes:

  1. Full name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Social security number
  4. A copy of your driver’s license
  5. Your driver’s license number
  6. Your vehicle’s registration number and insurance
  7. A proof of complete vehicle inspection


How does Uber conduct background checks?

Checkr performs background checks using the details provided. The process involves running a social  security trace so as to identify the addresses associated with the name of the prospect driver for the past seven years. Also, the name and addresses given are screened against a series of local, state and national databases for convictions in the past seven years.


The databases used include:

  1. National Criminal Search
  2. Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website
  3. Databases for flagging suspected terrorists

In addition, the screening process pulls the MVR or Motor Vehicle Registration file linked to the licensed number given. Even though MVR isn’t always used as a basic part of background checks, Uber believes it’s vital for screening their driver partners.

For instance, it shows information about moving violations like over-speeding that the prospective driver has received.


What if a criminal record if identified?

Uber TaxiOnce a potential criminal record is identified, Checkr either pulls the record electronically, or sends one of its workers to go and review it at the relevant courthouse.

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Verifying any potential criminal record at the source is vital as it ensures that the records match the real identity of the potential driver. Also, Checkr knows whether any arrest led to a conviction.


When may a potential driver be disqualified?

1. If the prospect appears on various databases that identify suspected terrorists and sex offenders. This includes the National Sex Offender Registry and the DOJ50-State Sex Offender Registry.

2. If in the past three years, the potential driver has any of the following on their record:

  • Driving with an invalid, revoked or suspended license
  • Driving on an invalid, revoked or suspended insurance

3. If in the past three years, the prospect has had over three incidents or violations in the state that they are currently licensed. The same applies if the prospect has had five minor violations in the past five years. The incidents may include:

  • Miscellaneous driving sanctions, like traffic violations
  • Normal speeding tickets
  • Accidents

4. If in the past seven years, the potential driver has been convicted for any of the following violations:

  • Felony or theft crime including burglary and robbery
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Crime involving destruction of property
  • Acts of terror
  • Drug related driving and DUI convictions
  • Fraud
  • Sexual offenses
  • Fatal accidents
  • Reckless driving
  • Resisting or evading arrest


How long do background checks take?

According to Uber, the screening process should take three-to-ten days. The time frame is dependent on the number of driver background checks that Checkr is dealing with when you apply. If the process takes longer than 10 days, you can email Uber support to check its progress.

Mine took longer than that, but I was unlucky.

Once the check is complete, Uber will tell the applicant if he or she qualified.

Applicants who fail the background check for the first time may reapply after three months. However, it is good to bear in mind that you may not be able to apply again depending he reason for the rejection. If you fail, make an effort to contact Uber asking for more specific reasons why you failed. They will also help you with the process of reapplying too.


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  1. Where did the information regarding disqualifying offenses and time-frames come from?
    What was your reference for this?
    Did this information come directly from Uber in writing?

    Thanks –

  2. OK. I don’t know how all these site get same wrong info. But here it goes FACT checkr goes way past seven yes I had a background check done last week 12/20/2016 for uber they went back at least to 2002 on mine cause my report brought a felony I had from 2002 which is fifteen yrs ago. 500 website copying each others info doesn’t mean its right.

  3. In California, Checkr sends all of your background history past 7 years. So if you have a felony from 10 years ago they will report that to uber, which uber can choose not to activate your account…

    From Checkr:

    “Checkr prepared your background report at the request of Uber (a Transportation Network Company or “TNC”). Recently, California passed a law was that prohibits TNCs from engaging with individuals with certain criminal convictions. You can read the full text of the new law here to see the prohibited offenses.

    To comply with this law, Uber has requested Checkr to report criminal convictions that are over 7 years old (which is also permitted under the new law).

    What does this change in the law mean for me?

    Before this new law went into effect, background check companies were prohibited from reporting criminal convictions older than 7 years old in California. Under the new law, criminal convictions are reportable to TNCs (like Uber) even though they are older than 7 years old.

    By applying to partner with a TNC (like Uber) in California, ALL of your convictions (including those that are over 7 years old) may appear on your background report and may be considered by Uber in their decision to bring you onto their platform. After you review your report, if there are any errors or inaccuracies, please let us know and we are happy to assist.”

  4. Hi I am a uber driver in las vegas I had a small sex offence in 2008 that I took a plea deal even know I was not guilty I now regret taking the deal but because I am in las vegas will it show up even know it’s 9 years old will checkr give uber stuf from 9 years agao in las vegas is only going 7 years back.

  5. Hello I am a US Army Veteran(12Years). I drove for Uber over a year until my background check came back ( Checkr). It had some convictions that happen OVER TWENTY YEARS AGO and UBER did not reconsider. That took me off the platform immediately. Went by the HUB in Hoboken NJ. Stated my concern. I was told that they would get back to me in a day or so. Its been over a year and no one replied. A simple assault charge and possession of drug charges. What does those Over TWENTY years AGO charges HAVE ANYTHING to do WITH MY PRESENT DRIVING????? This company that advertised equal opportunity for everyone can not believe a person can be a decent citizen today. Had paid for what they done in the PAST. I was a FAITHFULLY and a HONORABLE driver with A GREAT RATING. SO HOW CAN I GET UBER TO RECONSIDER PARTNERING WITH ME AGAIN??? PLEASE HELP ME HERE. I am asking as a VETERAN WHO SERVED THIS COUNTRY FOR TWELVE YEARS OF MY LIFE. Please reply to me via Email PLEASE!

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