How Much Does Uber Cost?

The “Million-Dollar” Question

One of the main questions when it comes to taking a how much does uber cost?Uber vehicle is “how much does Uber cost?”If you want to try Uber, you want to know that it is worth it, or at least that it isn’t expensive when compared to taking a taxi. The cost of a Uber ride depends on a large extent on your location, i.e. the city you are in when soliciting the service.

General Factors Relating to How Much Uber Costs

There are many factors that affect how much Uber costs in a particular city. These are the traffic, demand for Uber services, distance and duration of the ride, and the car category. As we’ve detailed in other pages, Uber has many car category types including the UberX, UberBlack and UberSUV, to name a few. The previously mentioned factors are applicable for all Uber rides and will definitely impact how much you will be paying for your taxi.

Specific Factors Related to How Much Uber Costs

As with any other riding services, here are some specific factors that will count when it comes to how much you will pay for a Uber ride:
The Base Fare: This is the minimum charge for a ride which will also depend on your city.tipping man
Cost per Minute: This is the set amount you have to pay for every minute passed.
Cost per Mile: The amount you will be charged for every mile ridden.
Fee Depending on Safety of the Ride: This fee was introduced back in April, 2014 and it’s charged for each ride. The purpose of this charge is to allow Uber to pay for insurance fees, give timely support for its customers, and engage in required background checks.

Here are a few examples of the Uber Safe Ride fee for certain cities:

  • New York: $0
  • Toronto: $1.50
  • Los Angeles: $1.65


As you have seen, the rates are calculated in a similar way to existing taxi services. Uber also operates an UberTaxi service known as the UberT in some cities. This service lets you get a traditional taxi using the Uber App. Just like with the normal Uber service, Uber also uses your location to send you a cab.

It’s important to note that Uber fares may vary suddenly. This is due to the law of supply and demand. Price surges may happen if the demand of Uber rides increases. Uber says that this also encourages drivers to work when users need them most. Uber has decided to put a cap on this price in certain situations. This decision was made on the back of some criticism the company received, based on the swinging prices.

What About Flat Rates in Uber?

There are certain areas and trips that have flat Uber rates. An example of this is usually from airports to city centers in major locations.

How Much Does Uber Cost in My City?

How Much Does Uber Cost in My CityWith so many factors affecting the cost, the most important thing is to know how much Uber costs in your own city. The good thing is that you can find this out on Uber’s App which you can download for free on your smartphone. (Plus, you can even get some discounts if you happen to have a promotional code).

Steps to Know How Much Does Uber Cost

  • First of all, download the app.
  • Then, tap on “Set Pickup Location”. Doing this won’t immediately send you an Uber cab, so don’t worry.
  • Next, click on “Fare Estimator”.
  • All of you have to do now is to enter your destination.
  • The estimated cost will be shown on your screen.

Again, when coming up with the results, Uber will add the base fare, the cost per minute, cost per mile, and the Safe Ride fee or booking fee.

Here is an example of how much Uber will cost given certain variables.
Let’s say that you’re located in L.A., and you want an UberXL vehicle. Let’s also say that the ride takes twenty minutes and it is a total of eight miles. That being said, we have the following data:

  • Base Fare (for an UberXL vehicle): $1 (The fare for a UberX vehicle is $0 in L.A.)
  • Cost per minute (for an UberXL vehicle): $0.30
  • Cost per mile (for an UberXL vehicle): $1.55
  • Booking Fee: $1.65

The estimated fare would be $21.05 for the example above.
It is important to note that the base fare, cost per mile, cost per minute, and booking fee depend also on the Uber vehicle requested. How Much Does Uber CostThe cheapest vehicle is the UberX, and the most expensive is the UberLUX.

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