Uber Partners And Drivers: How To Become One

Uber partners and drivers

Are you wondering how people become Uber partners and drivers? It’s fast and easy to sign up to join their team!
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What you need to get started as an Uber driver

UUber Partners and Driversber driver and car requirements are straight forward and easy to understand. Uber provides all the information you need to know so that you can be confident in your role as a driver-partner. This helps you to better understand what to expect from Uber as a company and your riders. You too can be on your way to earning money on your own terms in no time!
Uber lists the following requirements to be a driver:
  • you must be at least twenty-one years old
  • have a clean driving record
  • you must be able to pass a background check.
If you are confident that you possess the qualities above then congratulations, you are qualified to be an Uber driver!

Other Things You Need To Know About How To Become An Uber Driver

In order to drive as an Uber driver-partner, you will need to have either an iPhone 4S or newer or an Android 2013 or more recent. But don’t worry if you do not have one now, because Uber will help you get a qualifying phone.
Unlike many different professional driving jobs, you do not have to have a Commercial Driver’s License to be an Uber driver-partner in most cities. You do, however, need to have an in-state Driver’s License and at least one year of driving experience.

Uber Car Requirments

Apart from yourself, the most important piece of kit you require to being an Uber driver-partner is obviously the car. As long as your car is in full working order and a decent condition, was built after the year 2000, has at least four doors, and can pass a vehicle inspection then it qualifies. What if you want to become a driver-partner but do not have a car? You can still apply to be an Uber driver-partner and, in some cities, Uber will help you find a qualifying vehicle.

Depending on what kind of vehicle you have, you may qualify to drive for different Uber services, from UberX to UberLUX. Higher end Uber services cost more and, as such, Uber will pay you more for your time on the road. You will also need personal insurance on your vehicle, of course, but when you are on a trip rest assured that Uber maintains a commercial policy that is specifically designed for ride-sharing on every journey.There are many rewarding reasons to become an Uber driver-partner:

  • Drivers will be independent contractors, with the ability to set their own schedule.
  • You can schedule driving around your obligations and earn money by driving around your own city.

If you have got a car, you have everything you need to start earning money. You know people in your city need rides, why not be the one to earn money from providing them? As a driver-partner, you can feel secure knowing that all riders are registered. You will know their name and see their rating by other driver-partners. Worried that you will be spending more money on gas or maintenance? Uber has you covered with partner discounts for gas, maintenance, phone plans and more!

Not only does Uber represent one of the fastest growing driving opportunities, you can also earn more per hour as a driver-partner than as a heavy truck driver and with many fewer requirements!

Here is a great video on the Uber Driver app use and other Uber driver issues:

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  1. I have applied back in may sent all my paper work in within 1 week everything checked out and i have received 4 uber stickers what do I do now

    • Sounds like you are ready to start driving! The first time is a little scary. Download the Uber Driver app and turn it on when you are ready. Good luck.

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