How To Contact Uber

how to contact UberIf you’re an Uber driver or frequent Uber rider, its important that you know how to contact Uber directly from your gadget to avoid muddles whenever the need crops up.

With a good knowledge on how to reach the Uber support, you can report late arrivals, car breakdowns, substandard service or call for help in the event of dangerous situations such as an accident or carjacking.

Uber Customer Support Quality

Uber customer supportWhen it comes to customer support, unfortunately, Uber is not exactly the best. They will reply to your email within one hour but the answers they provide can be from their automated response software.

The worst part is that for a very long time, Uber has not had a telephone helpline. It’s notoriously difficult, as a rider, to reach an actual human being at Uber via a phone.

According to The Verge they do have an emergency number, 800-353-8257 . It’s supposed to be reserved for “very critical” situations and it would probably be best to just call the police in the majority of “very critical situations”.

This site has an international Uber telephone number, 1 866-576-1039.  It also has fax information, as well as the regular Uber business phone number, 415-986-2104 .
Supposedly, the wait on this number to speak to a real person is incredibly long.

Contact Uber by post

If you want to contact Uber by mail you can write to:

182 Howard Street # 8
San Francisco, CA 94105
Fax: 877-223-8023
Of course, this is hardly an option if you require an answer rather urgently.

Uber Email Support

If you’re a rider in need of urgent response but not exactly for a critical situation (a matter of life and death), the best way to receive quick help is by replying to your email receipt.

Most cities where Uber operates have Uber offices with their own support email centers, through which you can have your questions answered. For smaller cities (especially those outside USA) that lack designated offices, you can use the general address – [email protected] to submit your queries.

These days, it takes as little as one hour to receive a response, which is a massive improvement from the support team. It’s a step in the right direction from the company to improve their service.

That said, here’s what you should do to ensure you get a timely response from Uber:

  1. Make your questions as brief and as straightforward as possible.
  2. Only ask another question after your initial one has been replied to.
  3. Use the same email chain to reply if you want to continue receiving help from the same customer service rep.
  4. Start a new conversation if you find the current customer service rep less helpful and would like to try a new one.
  5. Avoid repeating the same question as it is likely to be ignored. Also, you can find detailed answers on their website for simple questions, in the form of FAQs.

Following Uber’s recent review of their help section, has finally become a place I can comfortably refer a driver/rider to. They have filled the page with some very basic information, and the FAQs have been answered usefully and in great detail.

Replies typically come within one or two hours, and the best part is that you’re getting answers from people who actually work in Uber’s corporate office.

Perhaps the only problem is that you’re not going to receive immediate feedback. However, the fact that you’re getting your issue solved by the right people makes it a reliable help channel.

Face to Face Interaction

If you don’t succeed using email, a visit to a local Uber support office can get your queries answered. Luckily, these days almost every city has office hours, and these can be found in local partner websites.

Local Partner Websites

You’re probably not going to contact Uber directly from these sites. However, you can use them to find various local contact methods.

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You’ll also find a lot of information on more basic queries, such as what makes one a qualified Uber driver, accepted vehicles and straight forward clarification of policies.

Uber Live Chats

Every day between 5am and 12am Pacific Time, you can reach Uber representatives on their new channel – Here you can have your questions answered in real time.

I’ve not tried the platform myself but I hear it works pretty well. The only downside is that you may have to wait for a little while for a representative to become available.


uber twitter supportUber has a very active team on their Twitter handle.

The volume of questions can get overwhelming. This leads to a good number of complaints remaining unaddressed.

On the whole, though, it’s a nice system for peripheral questions and complimentary observations.

In-App Rider Support

In March 2016, Uber started a better in app support for riders. I have not tried it yet but if it’s anything like the updated service, it should also be a useful resource.


So, there you have it. In my opinion, presuming you are not in a life or death situation, the best way to address an Uber issue you might have is online. The poorly manned telephone service is pretty ineffectual, which makes the relative ease of the online solutions much more attractive. We think Uber have really upped their game on the support side of the operation by also adding their in-app support option. Hopefully, they will be able to continue the good work they’ve started. They still have work to do to provide the levels of support that paying customers require. At least they are on their way.



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