How To Get A Second Ride Free On Uber

Did you love that first free ride with Uber and wish you could get a second ride free? Uber loves to constantly release new promotions to keep their riders happy. If you are already an Uber user then using a sign up code for free rides doesn’t work a second time.  One way is with Facebook messenger in partnership with Uber.

Another way to get a second ride free with Uber with Visa:

Uber has partnered with Visa to give free rides when you shop at local merchants.  They are calling it Uber Local Offers.

To get a second free ride you have to use the same Visa that is on your Uber account when you shop with local merchants.  You get 1 point for every dollar you spend. 100 points = $10 free credit for a short free ride or just $10 off a longer ride.

This service is built right into the Uber app. It started in LA and SF in the summer of 2016.


Update 8/31/16 You no longer get a ride free when Using the Facebook messenger app with Uber if you already have an Uber account.



Uber and FB Messenger Partnership

Uber AppHowever, there is good news for people wanting a second ride free with Uber. Facebook and Uber have announced their partnership publicly and along with it comes a promotional code for existing Uber riders.

When you sign up to use the Facebook messenger app with the Uber app inside it, you get another ride discount.

What’s more, now it is possible to get your second ride free with the Facebook messenger app. All you have to do is to hail a ride using the Facebook application. This answers the question how to get second ride free on Uber for existing customers.

Free ride in Uber another time

facebook messenger appNow it is not necessary to download the Facebook messenger app and the Uber app to hail a ride. You just need to have the Facebook messenger app downloaded to book an Uber. The Facebook app has introduced the call option.

This allows the users to call the Uber driver for free using the FB messenger application on the first use, as long as the ride is less in cost than the amount of the credit Uber is giving. Last I read it was $20.


Benefits of using Facebook messenger to call Uber

The additional benefit of this union between Facebook and Uber is that now you do not have to leave a family conversation or do not have to switch to another app to request a ride.

The good news is that if you hail a ride using Facebook app, you get a second ride free. This ride however should not exceed the limit of $15, or you will have to pay the excess, and then the ride will just be discounted, not free.

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The Uber app in partnership with the Facebook app offers incredible features. For example, the user can send their friend their present location through the messenger. The app has also made it possible share the trip details of the current Uber trip to let the friends know the exact whereabouts of the Uber.

The app allows multiple friends to share a single Uber trip and the friends get their own set of customized details about their trip on their separate apps. Moreover, Facebook protects the payment details and the privacy of the user. The whole process is extremely simple to use.

Steps to get the free ride and use Uber in Facebook messenger

To take advantage of this amazing new discount, all one needs to do is download the latest version of the Facebook messenger on their iPhones, Ipads, Android phones, or tablets. Then you have to log into your Facebook account on the messenger application.

The Uber account username and password have to be linked with the Facebook account. When you start chatting with your friends a dialogue box will open on the messenger app. In each conversation window, there is a small three-dot button.

Click on the three-dot button and a menu will open for transportation. Once you click there, you can confirm your route, put in your address, and successfully file a request to ride.

Or you can select the car icon by searching for Uber menu. Once you press car icon, you will have officially filed a request for a ride after entering your address and confirming your route.

Shortcuts to using Uber in Facebook messenger

If you are chatting with a friend and he sends you a Facebook message with an address in it, by long pressing on the address, you will find the option to request a ride pop up.

There is no need to open another app, there is no need to search for the Uber menu or the car icon, and there is no need to look for the three dots in each conversation. This process is the fastest method to book an flagging down an uber ride

The whereabouts of the driver and the details will appear on the messenger app just as it would appear on the Uber app. However, the only difference is that the whereabouts of the driver will now be in a private conversation window with your driver, so that you can make calls and message him free through Facebook.

The people who are already part of the chat will be able to see when you’ve confirmed the ride and the  designated route of the ride. This way the friends in the chat can also be a part of the ride, get details of the location of the driver, and hop onto the Uber when it is near them the option of paying using the FB messenger app is also available.




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