How To Purchase An Uber Gift Card

Buy An Uber Gift Card and Your Friends and Family Can Enjoy High-end Rides at an Affordable Cost

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Buying Uber gift cards is an excellent way for securing quality rides for a friend or relative as a present or as a gift. The best part about Uber gift cards that you can purchase a gift card in various price ranges that best suit your budget. Even though the company stopped selling this feature virtually via their app, you can now buy physical Uber gift cards from over 35,000 retail locations.

Target, Walmart, CVS & plenty more now store these products which can be directly redeemed through the app. You can also purchase these cards online starting at a minimum value of $15 to a maximum of $500. However, the pre-existing amounts are $25, $50, $100, and $200.

Why Buy Uber Gift Cards

If you want a quality ride for yourself, your friends or your family, without spending too much, you should definitely consider purchasing an Uber gift card.uber gift card

Uber is a fairly new mode of transportation and has taken the market by storm. Sometime back if you were looking for  a taxi it was a big challenge. You had to depend on a few taxi companies, pay a high fee for services, and hope it would come on time.

Booking a taxi online was impossible and booking one from your phone was a challenge. Furthermore, you couldn’t  transfer a ride credit to your family or friends. Thanks to Uber, getting individualized transportation has become more convenient and affordable than ever. And to make the experience even more enjoyable and memorable, the transport firm has introduced the Uber Gift Card.


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So, What is The Uber Gift Card?

Uber Gift card is a service from Uber which makes it possible to buy rides for other people. You can  buy one online or at a store near you.

You can now also buy gift codes in bulk with Uber flagging down an uber ride


The Uber newsroom site says that when you order a card you can ”

choose which day your gift will arrive. Uber gift cards can also now be used for both rides and purchases made on the UberEATS app — making it easy for friends and family to get their favorite dishes delivered at Uber speed.

Uber gift cards are also available at over 35,000 stores nationwide at retailers like Kroger, Target and Walmart, and can be ordered in bulk.”

Steps for buying an Uber Gift Card Online or In a Store Near You


The process is incredibly simple, and you have just to follow the steps mentioned below:

• Go to be Uber gift card web page and click on “Buy Online’ option to get the e-gift

• Click on a design template, or you can also click on the ‘Add My Photo’ tab on the screen to place a custom photo on the gift card

• If you want, you also have the option to type in a note to accompany your gift card

• You can add anyone of the pre-existing amounts mentioned on the screen or enter your own amount that is not more than $ 500

• Type in the recipient’s name and email address to send it directly to their inbox

• Enter your name by filling out the ‘From’ field and schedule a delivery date for up to 12 months in advance

• Click on ‘checkout’ tab and enter your billing information, for example, credit card number or PayPal details

And you’re done! This is all you have to do to buy an Uber gift card.

How to redeem an Uber Gift Card

Gift cards can only be redeemed to an active Uber account through the following steps:

• Make sure that the recipient has the latest version of the app on their smartphone

• Visit the payment section of the app

• Choose the ‘Add Promo/Gift Code’ option

• Enter the gift code to redeem

The entire process is extremely easy, to say the least. And anyone can redeem their gift cards in few seconds even if they are not familiar with how the Uber app works.

Reasons to buy an Uber Gift Card

An Uber Gift Card will make a great purchase if you:

  • have a friend who likes to party in the evening and you want to make sure they get home safely
  • want a friend to visit you who is car-less and a gift card is a nice gesture to show you want them to visit (I did this recently by sending my dad an airline gift card)
  • have an Uber loving friend who is a little strapped for cash
  • love Uber and you want your friends to experience how great it is, above and beyond that initial woman reading and drinking coffee in uberfree $15 credit
  • like gifts that are practical and can be used up, not something that sits around and collects dust
  • have a pregnant friend who may feel safe having an Uber ride handy for emergencies
  • have a friend who is going on a trip and you don’t have time to drop them at the airport but want to wish them bon voyage or you want them to have a nice experience once they get to their destination in the US.



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  1. I almost exclusively use Uber however since they no longer have gift cards and I came on this thread I thought may be helpful for some to know that Lyft apparently does do gift cards — I saw them for sale today at Starbucks.

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