How To Register In Uber Without A Credit Card

Uber has taken the world by storm by offering customers an alternative to taxi cabs and public transportation. If you’re curious about how to register for Uber without a credit card, continue reading to discover a few ideas.

How to register for an Uber account without a credit card:

1. Choose to skip the credit card information screen

How To Register In Uber Without A Credit CardWhen Uber asks you for your credit card information, when you first sign up for an Uber account and get $15 free credit when you enter the code , you may be unaware that it’s possible to skip the credit card information screen entirely.

However, you will be asked for your credit card information, when you book your first Uber ride. If you’re interested in signing up for an Uber account today but you don’t plan on booking a ride immediately, you may be satisfied with this option.

2. Use a prepaid card or a debit card

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of linking your credit card to an Uber account, you can sign up for an Uber account using either a Visa prepaid card, or a MasterCard prepay or debit card. Both of which you can register for at your local bank and use money. This means you can fund Uber with money you’ve deposited, rather than credit.

If you run into problems with Uber accepting your debit card, any issues should be resolved by calling your bank and asking for all transactions from Uber to be authorized.

The primary reason why Uber asks new users for their credit card information isn’t for payment, it’s so that they can prevent people from signing up for numerous accounts, in order to get multiple free rides. It’s a little known fact that Uber actually accepts multiple forms of payment, not just credit cards.

Another way to use Prepaid cards is to link them to your Paypal account. Then you can use your Paypal account to pay for Uber.

3. If you have an iPhone consider using Apple Pay

Apple Pay LogoIf you own an iPhone 6 or 6s, or a newer model iPhone you’ll be able to select Apple Pay as a payment option. This authorizes payment, without the use of a credit card.

If you own an android smart phone, there’s no need to worry as there are alternative options, such as Google Wallet, which you can utilize, in order to pay for an Uber fare.

4. Sign up for a Google wallet to pay for Uber

Google Wallet LogoIf you’re uncomfortable giving Uber your credit card details you can also link your bank account with a Google Wallet account. Google Wallet is an application which allows you to send money to any individual or business in the USA by linking one of your personal bank accounts or your debit card with Google’s highly acclaimed funding service.

5. Using your Paypal to pay for Uber

As we’ve already mentioned, up there somewhere, you can actually use your Paypal account to pay for Uber. This is great if for any reason you are apprehensive about using a credit card. Simply follow the steps below to link up your Paypal account:

NB: Always check if Uber accepts Paypal payments in your area first.

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  1. Sign into your Paypal account.
  2. When prompted, click ‘Accept’ to allow Uber to authorize funds from Paypal.
  3. Start riding Uber without a credit card.

When you initially add a new Paypal account, it’s not all that uncommon for a test transaction to take place to ensure Uber has permission to charge the account. Don’t worry, the transaction is reversed almost immediately and you probably won’t even notice it.

It’s important to note that a secondary payment method is usually required when using Paypal. This means that although you can pay for an Uber without a credit card with this solution, you may still need another funding source to set up the account in the first place.

6. Pay for an Uber using cash

In some countries you can actually pay for an Uber using cash. This isn’t too helpful for American readers (unless you’re a bit of a jet-setter) but if you live in India, for example, you can pay for Uber rides in cash. There should be an option when booking a ride to select a cash payment. If there is not, then unfortunately Uber doesn’t support cash payments in your country.


So, if you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, are keen to try out Uber in the near future and would like to avoid giving Uber your credit card details, simply use one of the fool proof methods listed above, to sign up for Uber without using your credit card information.



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  1. Why must I place any CC info into the Uber app I don’t use them except in a dire emergency and for sake of identity protection. I see that it’s impossible to register otherwise.

    • You can skip adding the cc info at the start as long as you sign up using a smartphone. But you do need to add a credit card later to pay. I’m not sure why the requirement otherwise but my guess is to keep people from creating multiple accounts to get more than the first free ride and for other fraud prevention reasons.

  2. Can I sign up and get an Uber ride for my son?? He is in GA. I am in a different state He has a PayPal acct but his debit card is a bluebird American Express, and Uber doesn’t accept that card. If I set up an acct with Uber 6where I m located and used my visa would that work??

  3. I ONLY use CASH. Have no credit card no debit csrd no paypal. Only have cash. How to book a uber taxi ride?

    I use GRAB a lot of time and only use cash . No need to create an account. Just use mobilephone to make booking.

    Why Uber makes people’s life so difficult ??? Will Uber give me a reply?

    • Uber does allow cash in some places like India. Otherwise it is currently not allowed. It is the basis of their business model.

  4. Why can’t I use my pre paid card that my direct deposit is on?? I had no problem using it in the past as a faithful Uber passenger. I just had to update my cc info because I had to get a replacement card and that’s when I came across the “card deemed invalid” msg. What is going on?? Someone from Uber please respond

    • Same thing is happening to me. I’m tried using a prepaid Visa Go Card for my Uber account and I got “Sorry we are unable to accept your card. Please try adding a different one.”

      I contacted Uber support and their reply was “I’ve reviewed your account and I’ve noticed that the card you’re trying to add is a prepaid card. Some cards and methods are not compatible with our billing processes and can’t be used with Uber”

      The card works everywhere else I’ve tried to use it (in stores or online). Apparently their billing process is not compatible with Visa’s prepaid cards.

      Anyone else having this problem?

    • I saw that was in development in 2015, but saw nothing more. There is a service called that does work with a non-smartphone.

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