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Little river casino resort

Day at the Little River Casino and Resort

little river casino and resort

Day at the Little River Casino and Resort

The Little River Casino and Resort has been operating since 1969 and is one of the most popular Amish operated casinos in the world. The location of this historic Amish site is a testament to the charm and history found in the small Pennsylvania town that is so centrally located. Miles of beautiful mountain roads wind through quaint small towns laden with shops, restaurants and bed and breakfasts. It’s little wonder the Little River Casino and Resort is one of the most popular Amish vacation destinations in the northeast. This article will give you the lowdown on the resort and explain what makes it such a great place to visit while on a Michigan Amish vacation.

The river casino is open daily for two hours during the summer. There is no special time that you need to visit, but if you’re visiting in the off season or on an off-peak weekend, you will not find much to do during the day. The casino is located one block west of the I-94 exit ramp in Doylestown, Ohio, directly across from the intersection of I-264 and US-AI Parkway. You can reach the Little River Casino and Resort by taking exit #4 off I-264 heading southbound to the river.

Most of your days at the casino will be spent enjoying the beautiful scenery along the river. You can float down the river on a pontoon, ride the riverboat, or take a river tour to get a bird’s eye view of this gorgeous area. One day you might even want to try your luck at the high rollers, but be warned that most games are played only once around a specific period of the day. For the most part, the casino offers a wide variety of attractions for all ages, including fishing, miniature golf, riverboat rides, live entertainment, and more.

Once the sun goes down, the Little River has some great dining opportunities as well. There are two full-service restaurants in addition to a concession stand, which serves lunch and dinner daily. There is also a full service bar where you can enjoy cocktails, wine, or a porter from the cozy bar chairs. You can easily spend the entire day at the resort enjoying both the amenities and the scenery.

After you have enjoyed the daytime activities, head back to the river for a night of gambling and fun! There are two full service bars with plush comfortable seating, complimentary drinks, and a fantastic view of the night sky. The slots and craps areas are the most popular and are available year round. The riverboat rides are a favorite among families and are available all day long. Nighttime is also very busy as people enjoy the boat ride and the casino.

When it comes to amenities and activities, the Little River Casino and Resort truly have something for everyone. Children will love the playground and kids attractions, while adults will be entertained and relieved after a day of playing slots. The hotel also offers its patrons the opportunity to enjoy the day spa, afternoon tea, and lunch each day. While at the casino, be sure to stop by the charming River Street Shops for hot chocolate, snacks, or a nice lunch.

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