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Little River Casino Hotel Discounts – Great Deals on Rooms and Stays

little river casino hotel discounts

Little River Casino Hotel Discounts – Great Deals on Rooms and Stays

The Little River Casino Hotel is located on the Monmouth county line. This two-star hotel has been offering guests excellent service and a wide range of amenities since it opened in 1997. There are lots of great things to do at the Little River Casino Hotel. There are over 200 gaming tables, many of which are up for grabs during special events and parties. If you want to hit the slots, you can do so right in the comfort of your hotel room and even while you are visiting with your family or friends.

However, those who want to go wagering a bit more need to head to the casino themselves. To get a good view of all that is going on, you should stay in the four-star amenities in the guestrooms. There are nine rooms in total, including two duplex suites. These two-bedroom rooms come with a fireplace and access to theitaire and blackjack games. The casino offers guests a choice between a continental breakfast each morning and a themed nightly dinner.

In addition to the guestrooms, the hotel also offers an elegant lobby and suite that guests can rent. Each of these suites contain a single bedroom, living room, and bathroom. They have beautiful bed linens, comfortable chairs, and are furnished with the most recent linens and furniture.

There are several dining options at the Little River Casino Hotel. You can eat at one of the dining spots in the casino or eat at one of its restaurants that also serve snacks and drinks. Guests can choose from pizza, steaks, burgers, and tapas. There is even a full-service buffet that offers customers a variety of fresh foods at each meal. This buffet offers customers free hot meals and drinks throughout the day.

You can also book some of your gaming supplies at the Little River Casino Hotel. There are gaming carts, slots, video poker, roulette, keno, and craps for playing. You can pay in cash or use a credit card to make your reservation. However, if you would rather play without using credit cards, you can still do so. There is a complimentary gaming area where you can lay down some chips and place your bets.

If you are planning a weekend trip with your friends, you should consider the Little River Casino Hotel. The hotel offers discount room rates during the week, which will save you money on your stay. There are even weekly specials during the holiday season. Whether you are planning a honeymoon, a business trip, or you are simply visiting from out-of-town, you will find that there are plenty of affordable hotel discounts available at this casino.

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