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Security Concerns Have Been Focused on Little River Casino Hotel Rates After Another Mandalay Bay Attack

little river casino hotel rates

Security Concerns Have Been Focused on Little River Casino Hotel Rates After Another Mandalay Bay Attack

Last month, The Little River Casino Hotel was shut down following an incident in which a player was shot by a security guard. This closed the casino down for three days, while the New Jersey State Police and Fire Marshall conducted an investigation. At that point, the casino was still operating, but all of the gambling and gaming equipment has been removed from the property. Today, the casino is once again open and operational, though it will be interesting to see how this whole situation plays out over the coming months.

There have been a lot of changes to the little river casino hotel rates since this tragic situation. First off, the casino has lost one of their seven-floor locations, which were also located in Atlantic City, NJ. The other location that was lost was the gaming floor, which previously was open every day. As you might expect, Atlantic City’s crime rate is considered to be much higher than that of Little Rock, so it’s not surprising that the rates in the two cities are very different.

The unfortunate part of this whole story is that the victim in this case happened to be an avid gambler who frequented both the New Jersey shore and the Atlantic City casinos. He had stopped playing at the Las Vegas casino for several months because he had been attending the weddings of some of his friends, but he always returned to the Atlantic City casinos in order to play. Unfortunately, the victim was playing at the wrong location when this happened, and as a result, he was seriously injured.

Obviously, this isn’t a situation that any casino owner wants to experience. Fortunately, this isn’t the only casino resort in the country that experienced a tragedy in the fall. In fact, the news media recently reported that another Atlantic City casino was evacuated because a player was accidentally shot by a security guard. One of the most unfortunate aspects of this whole situation is that the victim was a longstanding customer of one of the hotels near the site of the accident. This means that the victim had already spent a great deal of money at this establishment before he ever set foot on the premises. This unfortunate chain of events raises questions about the general safety conditions at all Las Vegas hotels, as well as those in Atlantic City.

What’s most disturbing about all of this is the fact that none of the victims has yet been identified. This is incredibly problematic, because this means that there is a risk that these individuals will go unidentified, which can lead to a greater risk of being victimized again. Naturally, given the tragic circumstances, it’s important to remember that the Atlantic City and Little River casino resorts take the safety of their customers very seriously. This means that they have security guards assigned to the premises, as well as surveillance cameras and alarm systems in place in order to ensure that the public’s safety is kept in mind.

The unfortunate thing is that despite all of these precautions, there are still a great deal of prospects for visitors to try and steal from the establishment. As one gamer put it, “All the gamblers in Atlantic City think they’re so tough that they can take any gamblers that come through the doors. But the truth is, all the gamblers in Little Rock and Atlantic City are soft targets.” These types of robberies do not happen very often in these two tourist destinations, but that does not make it any less serious.

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