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Little river casino resort

The Little River Casino Resort – Laughlin, Nevada

little river casino resort hotel

The Little River Casino Resort – Laughlin, Nevada

The Little River Casino Resort is located on the outskirts of town, an area so far away from the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas that you’d hardly notice it. For a place where things can get quiet and relaxed, though, this is a perfect spot.

The area lies in the southern end of Laughlin Creek Bed Town, a small town nestled between the green desert hills of the Eagle Mountain Wilderness. On a clear day, the lovely farmland stretches out beneath you, surrounded by the lush surroundings of the countryside. It’s a place where nature and history collide to form a dream vacation spot.

The Little River Casino Resort is nestled on one of the few open spaces that stretch out beyond the farm fields. It’s located on the edge of what was the Rancho del Cielo ranch. The early settlers lived close to the river and also enjoyed grazing their cattle on the lush grassland nearby.

After much debate, the Little River Casino Resort was constructed in 1938 and would serve as a gambling spot for locals and tourists alike. It opened to much fanfare, though not everyone was a fan. Local politicians lobbied to close the resort for a period of time, citing the potential damage to the community.

Ultimately, the River Casino Resort kept its doors open, but for a short while. This opened the door for more development, including the town’s first hotel. The hotel served the people of Little River, and the surrounding areas, well; it also became a favorite vacation destination for the tourists looking for some quiet relaxation and entertainment.

When the hotel reopened in 1986, the River Casino Resort changed hands yet again. It remained in the hands of Caesars Entertainment, a massive casino company that would later become one of the world’s largest casinos. Soon after, the hotel underwent a complete makeover, but today remains the same.

The Little River Casino Resort offers twenty-four unique rooms, each with its own distinctive ambiance. The rooms are decorated with local art, found only in the area, and the staff is friendly and accommodating. Many guests enjoy staying in the lodge, eating at one of the many restaurants or relaxing in one of the lodges during the day.

The Little River Casino Resort provides comfortable accommodations for those who want a little of everything without sacrificing some of anything. You’ll have a grand time in this old-fashioned town; you just might be stuck there for a while.

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