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What Can You Expect From the Little River Casino and Hotel?

The Little River Casino and Hotel is a true gem located in Essex, England. Built to serve the residents of the area, it is really one of the best places in Essex to spend your holidays. Located a mile from the waterway, it provides every facility that you need. However, it is only when you stay at this place will you be able to experience the real thing.

The River Casino and Hotel are designed by the professionals who know how to do things the right way. The whole idea of designing the casino was to make the place as relaxing as possible. It provides as much privacy as possible, which makes it the perfect place for couples to spend their vacation. Also, the rooms are spacious and the furnishings are elegant. Guests can enjoy dining in the hotel or simply staying in the casino room.

There are many other things that you can enjoy on the casino premises. You can check out the games that are on offer such as poker, slots, baccarat and roulette. These games will allow you to indulge in some exciting moments while staying in the casino.

Casino players love the atmosphere of the casino. It is the perfect setting for the laid back people who want to have fun and enjoy their time away from their normal life. The casino is able to provide just what the guests need to enjoy their stay. The hotel even has a bar and restaurant where guests can enjoy the real Essex experience.

The casino has a casino and bar, poker rooms, a live band and even a restaurant where you can have a great meal. All these facilities give visitors the feeling that they are in a world of their own. The casino staff is friendly and helpful. They are always ready to help guests whenever they have any problem during their stay. In fact, you will never find the staff and the management on the same wavelength.

The casino does not require an entrance fee, but you will have to pay for a dinner, which may vary according to the choice of the guest. All meals are taken care of by the casino staff. There is a choice of buffet or Prix fixe menu depending on the number of people who are planning to come to the casino. Each of the rooms of the casino are decorated with candles, chandeliers and the right ambiance to complete the whole experience. The hotel is situated just few minutes walk from the casino, and there is direct access to it from the hotel.

You will not find the casino crowded as there are just enough gaming tables to meet the demands of all the guests. It is a good thing that the casino is actually situated in a safe place, and that means the guests do not have to worry about being mugged while they are playing in the casino. They can continue with their game without any worries.

It is quite easy to see why so many people prefer to go to the Little River Casino and Hotel. Its hospitality is second to none and it can even give you the privilege of enjoying a meal along with the casino.

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