Lyft Car Requirements Vs Uber Car Requirements

Wondering what the Lyft Car Requirements are? Wonder how they compare to the Uber Car requirements? If you are considering driving for Lyft, like I do, you need to know what the Lyft car requirements are first.


Lyft Vehicle Inspection Process and Lyft Car Requirements

After you sign up to become a Lyft driver, your car must go through a vehicle inspection process before you can begin to drive. When I went in to Lyft to get the car inspection it was very low key compared to when I did an Uber driver inspection. A Lyft employee inspected my car using a checklist.  Sometimes they will take a test ride, like they did when I got an Uber car inspection. Although the inspection is more cosmetic than mechanical, chances of rejection are still there.
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In order to qualify for Lyft driving (from,

  • “Vehicle age (note: this is from 2015 so update the dates for the year you are reading this)

    • 2003 or newer (12 years old or newer)
    • Note: In Seattle, Portland, Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis-St. Paul regions, government regulations require cars to be no older than 2005 (10 years old). In Pittsburgh and Las Vegas vehicles must be no older than 2007 (8 years old). In New York City, vehicle age requirements are governed by the TLC.

lyft car
License plates

  • Current and valid
  • Registered to the state you’ll be driving in


  • All tires need sufficient tread. If you believe your tires are up to spec, please perform a Penny Test and take a picture of each tire so that we may sign off on it.
  • the headlights must work
  • the car shouldn’t look too damaged and it must run smoothly.
  • It is advisable to make a few auto repairs and check parts like car lights, wipers, horn, stop lights, seat belts and mirrors, first before going through the inspection process.


  • Windshield needs to be free of large cracks or any cracks in the driver’s field of vision.
  • Windows need to be functional (roll up and down) and free of cracks.
  • Mirrors need to be free of cracks.


  • Wipers need to be in good condition and functional.


All lights need to function on the car:

  • Headlights (Both, high beam and low beam)
  • Turn Signals (Both sides, front and rear)
  • Brake Lights
  • Reverse Lights (Both lights)


  • Horn must function.

Seat belts

  • All seat belts equipped in the vehicle must be functional.
  • There must be at least 5 seat belts, including the driver’s.

Seat adjustment controls

  • Front seats need to move forward and backward.


  • Car needs to be free of body damage and dents.
  • Vehicle model year must be no older than 12 years, unless your city has specific requirements.


  • Exhaust system needs to be within state standards, lacking modification and excessive wear.


  • Engine, suspension, steering, and brakes must be fully functional and safe. If you were asked to fix these, please visit a mechanic and have them perform the appropriate inspection or repair based on the issue with your car (our inspection form can be found here).

4 Doors

  • Lyft vehicles must have four doors.
  • All four doors need to be able to open and close from the interior and the exterior.
  • Passengers need to be able to unlock and lock their own doors.

A/C and heat

  • Air conditioning and heat need to be fully functional.

If the car fails to meet Lyft car requirements, the only option is to get it repaired, as inspection judges the main road-worthiness of the car, so failure to pass this test most probably means that it is not fit to be driven.”

What are Lyft Driver Requirements?

Lyft maintains high standards for the safety of it’s drivers as well as the vehicles they use.

Driver’s license

  • Must be current and valid
  • Registered to the state you’ll be driving in

Prospective Lyft drivers must be

  • twenty one (21) years or older
  • possess an active driver’s license valid in the U.S for a period of more than a year.
  • It is important that he or she have personal auto insurance, that exceeds or at least meets normal state requirements.
  • The driver should be free of driving violations in the past seven years and must carry a clean slate with respect to felonies like hit-and-tun or drunken driving.

A thorough background check is performed on the drivers to check their legal records or prior involvement in serious crimes like property damage, robbery, sexual harassment or drug peddling. Both the DMV as well as criminal background checks are performed by licensed professionals belonging to the TLC board.

The driver must be in possession of an Android phone or and iPhone too.

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The Perks of Signing up as a Lyft Driver

Signing up as a Lyft driver has its own benefits and is a great job for anyone who loves driving and wants to earn some extra bucks through it. Here are some benefits of enrolling as a Lyft driver:

  • Fun & Exciting: Once the driver has passed the Lyft car requirements, driving for Lyft can be a thrilling experience and often it does not feel like a job at all! I’ve learned my town very well since I started driving with Lyft.
  • Extra money: Drivers of Lyft make a sizeable amount every month, as they generally get to keep at least 80% of the fare. Only 20% goes to the company.  Tipping is built into the app, which is not true of Uber. Driving can be done in your spare time and is a great source of income for many.
  • Meet new people: Lyft drivers get to meet and interact with new people each day, this makes their job more interesting. I personally love meeting people from all over the world and showing off my town.
  • Lyft referral programs: One feature of signing up as a driver for Lyft is that it gives out cash awards to every driver who refers a new driver or rider to Lyft. This is another way that Lyft drivers can earn money. The incentives are $10 to $15 for every rider referred, depending on the promotion they have going.
  • New Lyft Driver Bonuses: Drivers newly introduced to the world of Lyft receive handsome bonuses upon signing up, which amounts up to $750, depending on where you live. The bonus gets automatically paid to the drivers account after completing certain number of rides within a month after signing up.

I personally drive BOTH Lyft and Uber part time. I drive Uber most of the time, but sometimes I have both apps on at the same time and just take the ride that pops up first.

Lyft and Uber riders are a little different. I can’t put my finger on it, but people often prefer riders from one company or the other.

I personally look at the promotions that are being offered to Lyft and Uber riders that are being run each month. If there are a lot of free rides offers from Lyft one month, I tend to get a lot more rides from Lyft.

Lyft mentor program

One nice feature of Lyft is that you can get a mentor, or experienced Lyft driver, to help you out when you are first starting to drive. I was already an experienced Uber driver when I signed up but it would have been nice to have someone when I started. The first few weeks were rough and my ratings reflected it.

Lyft Driver Bonus Program

Make sure to sign up using someone’s code, or mine here, in order to get the bonus for your city. I forgot to do this, believe it or not, and missed out on a nice cash bonus.

Lyft vs Uber car requirements

Uber car and driver requirements are similar to Lyft’s.  Like with Lyft, background checks are performed on the driver to check for previous criminal records and driving accidents.  The training session is virtually absent in Uber and drivers are made to hit the road after a short introductory video that provides guidelines on using the Uber app.

Once approved, the drivers sometimes have to pay $15 from their own pocket to complete a mechanical and safety vehicle inspection at a local pre-approved auto repair store. Uber usually lists few local mechanics who are qualified for the inspection.

In my town there is a free inspection Green light center where you can show up anytime to get an inspection.

The general requirements for Uber car services include the following:

  • The vehicle must pass a vehicle inspection program.
  • It should be a four-door truck, minivan or car.
  • The driver must hold responsibility for the insurance of the car, and all legal documents should bear his/her full name.
  • The driver must successfully pass the background check, which is seven years of clean legal records.
  • driver must also be 21 years old or older
  • car must be 5 to 15 years old or less, depending on your city.  You can lease the right kind of car if you don’t have one.

Vehicles that do not qualify for Uber services are full-sized vans,  and salvaged or damaged vehicles. In some places, such as Tulsa, certain makes of cars are not allowed,  such as Lincoln Towncar, Ford Crown Victoria, or Mercury Grand Marquis.

In my town, Portland, rules require you to have the following items in your vehicle:

          • First Aid Kit
          • Fire Extinguisher
          • Hands free phone mount

Conclusion on Lyft Car Requirements

Many people can qualify for the Lyft car requirements and earn some extra cash. Lyft drivers get the best of the two worlds, extra money and enjoyable work.
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  1. Someone had mentioned to me about Lyft earlier bit didn’t know what the whole grind was all about. Glad I came across this post, and I really love how you comprehensively cover everything about it. Surely Lyft sounds like something that I would be interested in to get some extra cash. Thanks a lot for sharing.


  2. It’s not clear to me if I need to have an Oregon driver’s license for Uber or Lyft. I have a valid Florida driver’s license. I’ve read “yes” and “no” on different sites.

  3. Just signed up to be a Lyft driver in Pasadena, California. Hoping to make a few quick bucks with my cash bonus and quickly getting my online business up and going. Thanks for all the vital and compiled info!

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