Lyft Customer Service: Easiest Way To Find The Right Information

Lyft Customer ServiceThe Lyft customer service homepage is a wealth of information for both drivers and riders alike. Here is a quick and easy breakdown of what and where you can find the information about the rideshare company you need to keep driving and riding with peace of mind.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: The first thing you will most likely see when visiting Lyft’s customer service page is a perfectly placed section detailing some of the more popular help questions people may ask. This is extremely convenient because it allows you to quickly and easily find the information you, and most other people are looking for. There are eight highlighted sections which include:

-Cancellation Policy for Passengers

-Lost & Found

-Why Do I See a Charge I Don’t Recognize?

-Authorization Holds

-Promotions, Ride Discounts, and Lyft Credits

-Reporting an Accident, Safety Incident or Citation

-How Driver Pay Is Calculated

-Express Pay

The next section of Lyft’s customer service page explored below is mainly for riders. It covers most of what a person would need to know when using Lyft.

For Riders

Lyft Customer Service for Riders

  • Using Lyft: The first helpful link you will run into is labeled “Using Lyft”, this category allows riders to browse informational articles related to the following categories.

-Your Lyft Account: This section shares information on how to add your calendar to your Lyft profile, a section on work rides: business profiles and Lyft mobility solutions, which is great for customers using Lyft as part of their business, how to create a Lyft account, how to edit your profile, and how to change your phone number.

-Requesting or Cancelling a Ride: Perhaps the largest of the help categories, this section allows you to get answers on the cancellation policy for passengers, how to request a ride using your browser and how to get picked up as a passenger. Of course there are plenty more sections that cover everything you will want to know about requesting and cancelling rides, but for the sake of brevity I have only listed a few.

-During & After a Ride: This helpful section, includes information on how the lost and found system works, how to rate your driver, accessing the in the smartphone app ride history program, which allows riders to see a comprehensive summary your trips with Lyft. The other categories in this section cover how to share route information and what is for sale at the Lyft store.

-Paying for Rides: This rather extensive section covers topics such as, but not limited to; unfamiliar charges, authorization holds, promotions, ride discounts, Lyft credits and free rides, surge priceing information, adding or updating payment info using the mobile Lyft app, how to pay for a ride and calculating the costs of a Lyft ride.

-Support & Troubleshooting: This section deals with more technical support issues such as, what to do if your account is deactivated, how to delete your account, and how to fix and troubleshoot issues with the smartphone app or website.

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Now that we’ve covered what and where riders using Lyft can find their customer service information it’s time to move onto the drivers. This section will detail where and what drivers working for Lyft can find pertinent information on the Lyft customer service website.

For Drivers

Lyft Customer Service for Drivers

  • Driving with Lyft: This category is aimed towards helping drivers with info about how to get started driving for Lyft and what you can expect from the job itself. Categories in this section are as follows.

-Giving Rides: Tutorials & Videos: Lyft drivers should certainly become familiar with this section because it has loads of helpful information for those just getting started.

-Cancellations & Ride Issues: This section provides information about lost & found procedures for drivers, an overview of ride issues drivers may experience, the cancellation and no-show policies, as well as, what to do if you pick up the wrong passenger and how to handle missed ride requests.

-Incidents, Accidents, & Safety: Another super important section for all Lyft drivers, this section helps you understand what to do when reporting an accident, safety incident, or driving citation. It also has informational safety 101 videos, as well as, basic safety information, such as ensuring passenger safety and how to report damage caused by passengers.

-Getting Paid & Tracking Earnings: Driving for Lyft can be very lucrative. This section helps drivers understand how driver pay is calculated and how to set up your bank account to get paid. There are tons more sections under this category, each covering a specific aspect of payment and earnings.

-Profile, Tax & Insurance: This section helps drivers learn how make and use a profile, as well as, how the various tax and insurance procedures work at Lyft. This section is a must read for drivers because it allows them to access and understand important tax and insurance information.

-Troubleshooting: Drivers who need technical support with the website or mobile smartphone app can use this section of Lyft customer support to troubleshoot those issues.

  • Becoming a Driver: This section’s categories detail the steps and requirements needed to begin driving for Lyft.

-Requirements & Applying: The details for how to apply to become a Lyft Driver, how to check your driver application status, requirements for Lyft vehicles and drivers can be found in this section. It also explains mentor sessions and the mentor inspection both of which are needed for employment with Lyft.

-State & City Driver Requirements: Each state/city has a specific set of driver requirements and this section will undoubtedly help you find what you need.

-Uploading Documents in the Dashboard: Lyft requires it’s drivers to have all the proper insurance, registration, and inspection documents uploaded on its site and here is where you can find out how and what you need to begin working for Lyft.

The last three sections on the Lyft customer service site detail information about promotions and rewards, various policies such as anti-discrimination and trust and safety, and airport info for passengers and Lyft drivers. There is also a contact button that can be used to get in touch with Lyft customer service directly by writing them a message and providing a phone number or e-mail.

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