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Lyft Customer Service Reviews and InformationLyft is a transportation and network rideshare company that is based in San Francisco, California, and was created by Logan Green and John Zimmer in June 2012. Lyft operates with a mobile phone application that facilitates peer-to-peer ridesharing which is essentially replacing the old style taxi services like Yellow Cab. Unlike Uber, it only operates in the USA.

From its early days based in San Francisco, Lyft now has operations in over 200 cities in the United States and included revenue of more than $800 million as of 2015. Their business, originally founded in 2007, conducts the links between passengers and drivers via Facebook and focused their attention on longer trips, rather than short trips.

It quickly became one of the largest rideshare services available in the United States and has now expanded into what we now refer to as Lyft. There are a few benefits associated with choosing Lyft over a traditional taxi or even Uber—another rideshare company—including:

  • Services cost less than a taxi
  • There are always drivers close by so pick up is fast
  • They can take you anywhere, whether it is a big city or in the middle of nowhere
  • Great customer support team with rapid-response helpline number

Sign up now as a Lyft rider and get $15 off your first ride!

Sign up now as an Lyft driver and receive a $100 to $750 bonus, depending on your city, after you start driving

Lyft App

Lyft App

If you are interested in using the services provided by Lyft, it is as easy as downloading their app. Simply click on the app store icon on your Android or iOS device and type in Lyft to pull up the app. The app is free to download. The app will then connect passengers with drivers in their area. You make all payments through the app, so it makes it a friendly and affordable service that is available for anyone at virtually any time. Accepted methods of payment are any major credit cards, debit cards that tie to a checking account, PayPal for Android and iOS users, and Apple and Android Pay.

Lyft Safety

Lyft Safety

Lyft takes several steps toward ensuring the safety of both the drivers and their passengers. They have a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy, and their safety team is available to provide help and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Critical Response Line: If you feel that you are in trouble you should, of course, dial 911 first, but you can also call the Critical Response Line at 855-865-9553.
  • They perform DMV and background checks on every driver before they are permitted to begin work. These extensive background checks can go back as far as seven years and drivers are automatically disqualified if they have any records associated with violent crimes, felonies, sexual offenses, or any drug-related convictions.
  • They make sure that every vehicle their drivers use meet safety and age standards by performing vehicle inspections. The vehicle inspections vary from state to state, and all of the requirements, including the inspection forms they use, are available on their website.
  • They have employed a two-way rating service. The rating service is available for passengers and drivers to rate their experiences with each other. If the passenger or driver continuously get lower ratings, under three stars, then you will no longer be matched with them. All feedback and reviews are taken into consideration with the highest regard.
  • The Lyft Insurance Protection Plan is available to provide their drivers with additional coverage, and it is applied as the primary insurance coverage to a driver’s personal insurance policy as soon as they match with a passenger.

How to Become a Lyft Driver

Become a Lyft Driver

If you are interested in becoming a Lyft driver to earn some extra money, applying is quick and easy. Sign up now as an Lyft driver and receive a $100 to $750 bonus, depending on your city, after you start driving.

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This tab will take you to the “Apply Now” page where you will input your information into the fields of the application form. If you have already filled out an application, there is also an option on this page to check the status of your previous application.

Becoming a Lyft driver could provide the potential to earn up to $35 an hour for just driving your car and you can even receive a sign-up bonus. If you do not have access to a car, then Lyft can provide you with the details to get discounts on rental cars. There are certain driver and vehicle requirements that must be followed to be considered for the job.


  • Any tips a passenger gives you are yours to keep and unlike Uber they encourage riders to tip in the app
  • If you choose to drive during peak hours, you can make even more money
  • You will meet many new people and be a big help within your community
  • Sign-up bonus

How to Request a Ride through Lyft

  1. Download the Lyft app on any smartphone
  2. Open the app and select what kind of ride you need by using the provided icons
  3. Confirm that the pin on the map is the correct location and then you set your pick up
  4. You add the destination and wait for the ride which should arrive in minutes

How Much do the Ride Sharing Services Cost?

The fare is calculated once the passenger is picked up and you get paid for any time that you were required to wait for the passenger. The fare includes the base fare, the cost per mile, and the cost per minute.

The passenger also pays for any additional fees, such as a service fee, airport pickup and drop off fees, venue fees, toll fees, and taxes. Tipping through the app makes it easy on the passenger and driver, and the driver maintains 100% of their tips.

If you are a driver, then the totals are done each week and payment goes out the following week. Lyft collects a commission of between 11 and 25% depending on the hours, premier rides, and drivers in New York.

There are usually many offers when it comes to receiving more rides with Lyft. You will get them periodically in your email once you sign up.

Customer Reviews

Reviews and feedback provide critical information for business and offers ways of improvement. The following are real life reviews from passengers and drivers that utilize Lyft ride-sharing services.

Negative Reviews

  • “I asked for Lyft Services to go to the JFK Airport. Was told the charges would be somewhere between $35 and $54. After the trip, I received a receipt for $71 and some change. Apparently, they will not tell you about additional charges in advance e.g. tolls.
    Beware!” 12/21/16
  • “I used them for the first time and was supposed to get a discount for the first-time usage. Instead, I got overcharged and charged twice. Totally ruined my trip to Colorado. Not the driver’s fault they did what they were supposed to no problem with them. At least I have a number to call and complain, unlike Uber. Couldn’tuse their first-time promotion either that’s why I went to Lyft” 10/25/16 ☆☆☆★★
  • “I used Lyft for the first time to go to the airport in DC. The driver (nice guy) used Lyft’s GPS and ended up going 30+ minutes in the wrong direction. When he realized it, he turned on Google maps and sped to the airport but by the time I got there I missed my flight. I had to spend$300 to get a new flight to a different city (only option). When I told Lyft, they offered me first $10 then $25 after I continued to complain towards my next ride. Are you kidding?? That doesn’t make up for money and time lost. The $25 is worthless as I will never use them again. I was going to the airport too, not an obscure location. Save your money, don’t use Lyft.” 07/29/16 ☆☆☆☆★

Positive Reviews

  • “This is my favorite service! I prefer finding a trip on Lyft instead of going on a bus or a plane. First of all, it’s usually cheaper, second of all you can meet tons of nice people and have a nice chat during a trip.” 04/20/16 ★★★★
  • “Lyft has always been good to me. Their drivers are friendlier on average than Uber and the service doesn’t seem quite so much out to take money from their customers.” 01/30/15 ★★★★★
  • “I recently tried Lyft and found that it was quite a bit more affordable than taking a cab. Usually, I take the subway, but for those late nights, it’s a nice alternative to the subterranean schlep. The drivers are always friendly, and you don’t have to deal with any of the usual disruptions of a pleasant ride such as chemicalsmells covering up the stench of last night’s frat boy puke, no over-bearing cheap cologne, and no annoying forced commercials. If you have time to wait for a ride it’s a far better experience and for a fraction of the price.” 03/21/16 ★★★★☆

Cons of Using Lyft for Drivers

  • Must adhere to the vigorous screening process and the rules concerning the year of the car that the driver uses. Drivers must be at least 21 years old, and their vehicle must be a 2000 or newer to be eligible.
  • May have to purchase a commercial insurance policy. Otherwise, your current insurance may drop you because of the way you are utilizing your vehicle.
  • Yes, you will make extra money, but you don’t want to forget about the added expenses like gas, oil changes, and car washes. These expenses will come around a lot more when you are using your car for ride share purposes.
  • Much of the money the driver makes is during peak hours which include nights and weekends.

Cons of Using Lyft for Passengers

  • Familiarize yourself with the base fees and other added fees that get tacked onto the fare. Their website clearly outlines the different charges that can incur, including the toll charges that the passengers are responsible for paying.
  • Lyft drivers aren’t trained to do what they do for a living so you are trusting that the person picking you up is knowledgeable enough about the area that they can get you to where you need to go with no problem. Sound advice would be to call Lyft to pick you up and drop you off just a bit earlier to avoid any chance of being late to your destination.

Pros of Using Lyft for Drivers

  • Even though you will currently be classed as a part-time worker, becoming a Lyft driver can award you extra spending money, and all tips are 100% yours without any portion going to the company
  • You meet an array of new and interesting people and get to help your community
  • The smartphone app allows both drivers and passengers to rate each other so that everyone gets a fair chance to report their experiences

Pros of Using Lyft for Passengers

  • Lyft fare is far more affordable than traditional taxi service and is competitive with Uber and other ridesharing costs
  • The smartphone app, from the app store, allows you to quickly and easily match up with a driver in your area so that pickup only takes minutes
  • You can pay and tip using just the app
  • Lyft accepts a variety of different payment method options when you use their secure app
  • There are many ways to obtain free or discounted rides if it is your first time using the service and if you refer a friend to Lyft

Every customer service based industry has their pros and cons when it comes to the business aspects, as well as the kind of service that they provide. Reviews are the foundation of business, and they are what can make or break a company. People look to reviews to answer any questions they have and to help them make an informed decision. Due to their extensive background checks and high level of customer service included in the smartphone app, you can rest assured that you are making a budget-friendly and safe decision when it comes to alternative methods of transportation.

Sign up now as a Lyft rider and get $15 off your first ride!

Sign up now as an Lyft driver and receive a $100 to $750 bonus, depending on your city, after you start driving

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