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If you want to login to “My UberX” to see your rides you can go to:

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Here you can either sign in as a rider or a driver. If you are not a rider yet you can sign up now as an Uber passenger using this link and get $15 free to try the service .

When you sign in as a rider you will see several tabs on ‘My UberX’.

With the ‘My Trips’ tab you can:

  • see the trips you have taken
  • report problems with a ride
  • report lost items
  • get a breakdown of your fare
  • see a map of your trip and make sure it was an efficient one
  • resend a receipt of your trip to your email

my uberx

With the Profile tab you can:

  • change your information
  • add a Spotify account
  • update your email list for your city or opt out

my uberx spotify

With the Payments tab you can:

  • update your payments for your personal or business account
  • add a promo code, such as my “first rider gets $15 off” code:
  • put your automatic tip percent for UberTaxi. Note, this is ONLY for Uber Taxi which is currently only available in some cities like New York. If you want to tip an Uber Driver you can’t do it through the app. Uber actually states that no tip is necessary. Uber drivers are instructed to refuse the first offer but take the second, if people insist

my uberx payments

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Free Rides Tab:

This is where you get your rider promo code for $15 for a first ride for your friends. You can:

  • email a code
  • tweet a code
  • put a code on Facebook
  • write down the code and keep it in your wallet so can share it with people when you’re out and about

my uberx promo code

That’s all the things you can do for now as an Uber passenger on My UberX.

Are there any other features that you would like to see?
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Sign up now as an Uber passenger using this link and get $15 free credit on your first ride



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