How Do I Order An Uber Taxi For Someone Else?

Have you ever wanted to order an Uber for someone else but couldn’t figure out how? If any of the following sounUber Appds familiar, this guide is definitely for you:

  • Do you have a tech challenged friend or family member? ( I have one of these myself!)
  • Perhaps you know someone who doesn’t have a smartphone of their own
  • Do you just want to pay for a client or a friend to get to your house without using Uber Events?

Ordering an Uber for a third party really couldn’t be any more straight forward, especially if you’re familiar with the app and have signed up as a rider already.

  1. Have the person contact you when they are ready to be picked up (this means really, really ready since their car will often arrive in five minutes or less).
  2. Have them tell you exactly where they want picking up from and where they are going to.
  3. If it is a house or hotel get the name or address from your friend.Elderly woman driver and handbag getting out of car
  4. Open the Uber app on your smartphone and move the pin to the location that the person told you or enter the address or name of the pickup point.
  5. Click ‘Set Pickup Location’ as usual.
  6. You will get a warning that your pin is far away from where you are. This is ok, just confirm that you want it anyway.
  7. Choose the type of Uber you want, UberX, UberXL, UberAssist, etc.
  8. Click “Fare Estimate” in the lower left hand corner and enter the destination that the person requires.
  9. You will then receive your fare estimate. Click the back button and hit ‘Request UberX’, or whatever type you selected.

It’s literally as easy as that!  The trip will then be billed to your credit card as usual.


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  1. And what if the Uber pickup point is in the building next door? If the pick-up point is close to me, that means it doesn’t offer the option of entering another person’s info? Kinda user UNFRIENDLY!

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