How To Set Up An Uber Account

Uber is a personal transportation service that employs thousands of drivers and provides countless rides to passengers, daily. how to set up an uber accountDrivers can take as many, or as few clients as they like. In return, riders get to where they need to be – it’s the perfect union.

Drivers for Uber can make money on the side of a full-time job and drive as little or as much as they like. This gives them the flexibility to use their free time to earn a little extra cash on the side. The alternative is to make it your new part-time/full-time job. Plus, Uber drivers can utilize several different payment options, allowing for as many as five withdrawals a day!


We’ve provided the following guide to help people to get started with the service. Read on to find out how you can set up your very own Uber account for driving or getting to your destination!

How to Set Up An Uber Account

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is access either the Uber site, or to download the app to your mobile phone.

If you have chosen to go with the mobile app, download it from your operating system’s app store. Once it has been installed, you can touch the icon on your phone to get started. From there you will be able to create a profile.

If you want to go to the site instead and don’t have plans to use the app, or just want to create a profile quickly and download the app later, go to Follow the links on the site to create an account. From there, you must select either ‘riding with Uber’ or ‘driving with Uber’.

The Next Steps

On the main screen of the site, you can sign in or register. We’ll be registering, so you’ll need to start filling in some information to get started. how to set up an uber accountThe site and the app are pretty much the same, so don’t worrie about which you are using. You’ll have to put in some basic information to get started. They’ll need your name, address, phone number, the email address you want to use, and your city. For riders, they may request your credit card number or your PayPal account (so you’ll need one of those too).

For Drivers

Once you’ve created an account on the website, they will send you a confirmation number. You can then enter this once you download and log into the Uber app. They also will require your location and will integrate it into their database to help you find out who’s requesting rides.

For Passengers

Passengers needing a ride love the convenience of having their card details saved. This means that they do not have to carry any cash for the rides they take. The site lets you reserve a personal driver in any city that will come to pick you up, just like a private town car. It’s all the convenience of a cab, without having to stand at the side of the street with your thumb in the air.

Uber often run new sign-up promotions, giving new users some credit to try the service. Check their site for details about their latest offers, it could mean a free ride across town.

Terms and Conditions

how to set up an uber accountBe absolutely certain that you read all the terms and conditions before you sign up. There’s nothing scary in there, so don’t worry. It’s just good practice to know what you are signing before you agree to anything. The full list of conditions are listed on the site when you sign up. Once you join, you will receive a confirmation email giving you the details of your account, and you’re ready to ride.

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Uber is a great service that is actually very easy to sign up for. Funnily enough, they actually want you to join their growing clientele. Hundreds of new riders and drivers sign up for the service every day! That’s how convenient it is. There’s good reason the numbers are as large as they are too. Drivers can make a little or a lot for their time and riders get an easy, stress-free ride.





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