Uber Account Suspended: Reasons Why

Getting their account suspended is every Uber driver’s worst nightmare because uber account suspendedit can bring serious repercussions. A dreadful message or that terrible email notifying you that Uber has disabled your account can potentially mean the end of your driving career. While this problem may be a huge frustration, things can get worse when Uber refuses to provide a valid reason.

Yes, this happens quite regularly and many people have reported having their account suspended with no explanation whatsoever. In fact, many drivers have reportedly received a welcome message by mistake that says any of the following three things:

  • Your driver account has not been verified
  • Your partner’s account was disabled for any reason
  • You are on a wait list

What is the need for suspension?

There are many reasons why the company may terminate or suspend a driver’s account. Mostly, it happens due to neglect on the driver’s part incorrectly reporting their activity. It can also occur due to poor performance which has resulted in a lack of star ratings.

Clients may also complain to Uber customer service to report misbehavior of the driver or any activity that may have caused inconvenience. However, the good news is drivers can reverse the suspension by taking advantage of Uber’s support network.

Using the support system, drivers can discover exactly why Uber has suspended their account and how they can get it activated again.

Why can an Uber driver’s account be suspended?

If you are working as a driver with Uber, your account will be liable for suspension for the following:

  • Your star rating falls below 4.6. Consistent low ratings will mean you are likely to receive a uber account suspendednotice stating that your performance is being monitored. Failure to receive good ratings, will prompt your account’s deactivation.
  • Your account will be liable for suspension if you violate the company’s code of conduct. Uber makes drivers take an oath to adhere to implicit rules that forbid wrongful conduct, misbehavior and driving under the influence of liquor and drugs. There are other activities as well that come under unlawful conduct.
  • Hazardous driving. The company will suspend your account if your passengers complain of reckless driving.
  • Wiping out a large number of records about rides. This is often known as cancellation abuse or skipping. Some drivers have been found guilty of being involved in a shady practice where they accept a ride but cancel it after a few minutes. This is done to boost the acknowledgement rate in an unethical way.
  • Due to inactivity. Uber will deactivate your account if you haven’t taken a ride for more than ninety days. According to the company’s policy, inactivity counts as a qualifying term for suspension that they can exercise with or without notice.
  • If your passenger makes a genuine complaint about your behavior or code of conduct. If a client personally complains to Uber’s support and complains that your behavior was inconsiderate. It may also be because your driving was less than acceptable, or you’ve made them uncomfortable in any way.
  • Disregarding Uber Terms of Service. Infringing the company’s underlying policies can lead to an account suspension with or without any notice.


Are there any circumstances under which Uber may suspend a rider’s account?

Yes, in fact, the company is very strict about their policies regarding the rider’s code of conduct. So, if you are a rider with Uber, your account may get terminated in the following ways:

  • Receiving bad ratings after a ride is complete.uber account suspended If you keep on stacking up poor ratings with every consecutive trip, you will find your account terminated.
  • If you misbehave with the driver and they contact Uber to report your unacceptable behavior.
  • By cancelling too many rides, you’re not only causing an inconvenience to yourself but also hard-working drivers. So, Uber reserves the right to suspend your account over excessive cancellations.
  • By violating terms and conditions.


Hopefully, you’ll never have need to use this page as reference but it’s always a good idea to know what the company allows and what they don’t. Uber is a great service so its definitely worth sticking to the rules to allow you to continue riding or working with this exciting new company.

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