Uber Prevents Drunk Driving: Advantage Over Taxis

What is Uber

Uber, as you all know, is a specially made mobile app, which allows you to interact with other on-the move travelers and drivers alike sharing information related to road navigation and mobility. This is possible in that consumers who have the application on their phones can submit such requested information on road routes, for faster navigation, which can then be accessed by other private car owners.

Studies show Uber lowers drunk driving incidents

Uber has proven to be effective in more ways than one. Besides its Uber Prevents Drunk Drivingquite clear advantage to the casual road user, it has had criticism from consumers in the way that it handles users’ private data, the company’s disruptive business model among others.

However, as some people have had some good and maybe true criticisms about the app, another lot says that the app can be and as have already been proven, a good tool to prevent DUI accidents apart from giving you a lending hand in moving from point A to point B safely.

Drunk driving and Uber studies

As the paper “show me the way” (by professors Brad Greenwood and Sunil Wattal of Temple University) outlines, which is an investigation on alcohol related accidents, the overall reduction in the rate of these accidents i.e. a 3.6-5.6 percent decline in DUI fatalities was a hand that was played by uber app after it was introduced to the public.

A 5.6% reduction might not seem like a particularly a big deal but ones the data was extrapolated it showed a total of five hundred saved lives annually. This is attestable in the already done research that the application’s availability and affordability alike are the prime reason that there has been such a significant U-turn in terms of DUI accidents and concurrent fatalities.

How this works from a sociological point of view

The rational choice theory by Clarke and Cornish simply outlines that the frequent of decisions to engage in morally bent and twisted ways are conclusive actions of objectives as rewards, potential penalty and in other cases the eventual apprehension by the legal authorities. Therefore, these actions are solely the choices of the consumers.

However, following the introduction and adoption of the cheap and readily available Uber options there has been a fast changing effect. Uber X provides evidence that price is the prime barrier towards taking effect of the reduction in DUI fatalities in various jurisdictions all over with stronger effects having set upon the larger cities.

Moreover, the over pricing effect has no significant changes over the weekends and drinking vacations. This means that the known hypothesis of the priceless nature of tackling down progress i.e. reducing DUI accidents, underperforms in this effect.

In other words this means that given that other safe driving measures are rarely accessible or pricey then the end result to this will always be increased drunk driving habits. In the same sense, drivers who are impaired more often than not will prefer using uber app for navigation rather than stay behind the wheel themselves.

Their over-indulgence over reliance in company cars which are ever available and cheaper for that matter cause them to avoid taxi cabs in the process. It is safe to say that uber has numerous advantages over taxis. The paper concludes that the never expensive Uber Black service and its unique nature of not having hyped prices has a similar eventual effect when it comes to drunk driving and DUI incidents. It is an informed conclusion.

However, the exceptional work and comprehensive research done by professors Brad Greenwood and Sunil Wattal on the matter is a one sided affair i.e. it’s the only study of its kind which has been carried out to prove that Uber app has efficiently reduced DUI incidents as a whole. There have been more anecdotal reports of Uber reducing drunk driving as well.

Therefore to offer more legitimacy and credibility in the deep and extensive study that they have done, more research needs to be done to completely explore the extent of Uber’s capabilities as well as missteps along with other applications which align with Uber’s identical services of the effect on safety driving.

Finally, as far as the topic of preventing and maintaining the habit of drunk driving and consequent road accidents this comprehensive research offers a great basis and foundation within which other later and better researches will be laid upon and necessary improvements will lead to a better and safer road usage.

Uber also fills a gap in low income neighborhoods.


Uber is found to be twice as fast and half the cost in one study.





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  1. It’s really amazing that Uber has had such an impact on the DUI rates around the country. I know some people dislike the concept of Uber. However, I think that contributing in such a positive way as lowering DUI rates says a lot about the value of a business or industry.

  2. I totally agree with you! Taking an Uber is always the best decision if you plan on drinking at all that evening, and it’s affordable and safe. Thanks for your input!

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