Uber Events: Can Uber Be Booked In Advance?

You may be wondering, can Uber be booked in advance? Well in a way, the answer is yes and no. Can you put a time and place that you want to be picked up from at a future date in the app? No, you can’t. (Update 5/19/16 well, yes you can now…check out my article “Can You Book Uber In Advance”)

But you can set up the payment of future rides for you and your friends for an event in the future right now with Uber Events.

Uber events solves the problem of wanting to buy Uber rides for your friends for a gathering or just for fun.

I got an email telling me that Uber was starting a new service called “Uber Events”.  This new service will allow people to prepay for rides for an event like a wedding, funeral, bar mitzvah, New Years eve party, or even just your weekend potluck or barbecue man flagging down an uber ridewhen you know your friends will drink more than they should.


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Uber Events already has a FAQ and Description page.


How Does Uber Events Work?

How it works is you buy a code to give to your friends, then you pay when they use it. You can set a max amount so that you won’t be charged more than you are planning to.

The service is still in Beta. Sounds like a good idea to me. I have a family member who regularly uses Uber for parties and this would be perfect for him.

Update 12/7/15

Uber Events is up and running!  Uber Events appears to have replaced Uber Gift Cards. You can find out more about Uber Events HERE

uber events add credit card

How to order and Uber Event Code

  1. Add a credit card to your account in the Uber Rider Account Area

uber events payment


2.Once you add your card, expiration date and CSV2 and its accepted, hit the back button to get to the Uber Events page and then hit reload to get to the Uber Events order page

uber events order form

3. Fill out the form with

  • name of the event that you and your guests will understand like “Mary and John’s First Wedding”
  • address where guests will be dropped off within a quarter mile
  • number of guests
  • rides per guest
  • maximum spend per ride (choice of $5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200)
  • choose either one code for the whole event or individual codes for each person for better tracking
  • customize the code with words like “maryjohnwedding”
  • specify the starting and ending time that the code should work. The Maximum is only 7 days
  • select a payment method
  • review your order and purchase

It says “Your card will only be charged for the amount your guests use. A service fee will be charged after you confirm your order.

I didn’t buy one, so not sure what happens next. My guess is they send you an email that helps you distribute the code to your friends.

Since Uber Gift cards seem to be gone, you could just use Uber Events as a substitute and specify a very broad range of dates. It’s still only 7 days, so you can’t use them the way you would a regular gift card, unfortunately.

You can also just order an Uber for a friend online at the time they need to use it and have them use the ride. Rich has had a few passengers who had no phones on them during the rides and had friends who were paying for the ride on either their phone, a tablet, laptop or desktop somewhere else or at their destination.

Reasons to buy an Uber Events Code:

  1. you have a friend who likes to party at night and you want to make sure they get home safe
  2. you want a friend to visit you who is car-less and a gift code is a nice gesture to show you want them to visit (I did this recently by sending my dad an airline gift card)
  3. you love Uber and you want your friends to experience how great it is above and beyond that initial free $15 credit
  4. you like gifts that are practical and can be used up, not something that sits around and collects dust
  5. you have a pregnant friend who may feel safe having an uber ride handy for emergencies during the last week
  6. your friend is going on a trip and you don’t have time to drop them at the airport but want to wish them a bon voyage or you want them to have a nice experience once they get to their destination in the US.
  7. you have an Uber loving friend who is a little strapped for cash

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  1. I just want to send my niece a gift card that she can use for Uber anytime in New York City. I don’t want to use Uber myself. I would just send her money, but she would spend it on boring stuff and I want her to go out and have a good time.

    • Yes, unfortunately the Uber gift card program is not available right now. The closest thing you can do is by an Uber event code or get a prepaid gift Visa and suggest she spend it on Uber.

  2. I wanted to buy my daughter a 250.00 gift certificate for SF…..does anyone know it they are going to become available in the near future? Uber you are losing money not selling Gift Certificates!

    • I agree! I spoke recently with someone affiliated with Uber and they said they do not sell them. Not sure if they plan to in the future. You can try a prepaid credit card or the Uber Events code possibly.

  3. I bought an uber event code last week in canada, but it seems you can just buy them for US and Brazil!?? anyone else having the same problem?

  4. I mentioned this on another post but event though I almost exclusively use Uber, since they no longer have gift cards which I found out for sure on this site after searching, I thought may be helpful for some to know that Lyft apparently does do gift cards — I saw them for sale today at Starbucks.

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