What To Do When Someone Leaves A Phone In Your Uber Car

A Rider Left a Phone in My Uber Car…..What Now?

uber carWhen you’re driving for Uber you meet all kinds of people going to a variety of locations. Some are heading for a night on the town and others might be rushing to or from work. In any case, the majority of clients have a lot on their mind. If their thoughts are on their imminent report to management, or just meeting up with the girls for a chat when they leave your car, it’s not all that uncommon for them to leave something behind. So, what should you do if, after the client leaves the vehicle you find something that they may have left behind?

We’ve provided the following article to advise drivers who find themselves in this all too common scenario.

If someone leaves something in your vehicle then:

  • Usually the passenger who left the item in your Uber car will realize before you and will contact you to setup a convenient meeting time and place to get it back.
  • As soon as you realize you have a lost item in your car, you should immediately contact Uber and let them know you have the item. Uber will contact the rider to give them your Uber number and the rider can then contact you directly to set up a time and place to give back the property.A passenger left an item in my Uber car
  • If there was no contact made regarding this lost item, you should take the item to the nearest Partner Center that accepts lost items or to the local police station if there is no Partner Center nearby. Always notify Uber in all cases of lost items.

As soon as the rider contacts you, it’s a good idea to let Uber know what happened with the transfer. It’s better for them to know so that the incident is documented should it come up again in the future.

A passenger left an item in my Lyft car

Much like Uber, the process is very similar. Below you will find the steps to return and report a lost item, such as a cell phone, wallet or any other valuable item.

  • If it is something important, it is likely that the passenger contacted Lyft thru the mobile application. Lyft will then contact you giving the passenger’s details to arrange for them to collect their items. Lyft will usually call within twenty-four hours to notify you, or seventy-two hours by way of a text message. Lyft will provide you with the rider contact information so that you may return the item.
  • If the rider did not contact Lyft, and you find an item, you must contact Lyft and let them know immediately. There is certain information you must provide to Lyft when reporting a lost item left in your Lyft car.
    1. A very detailed description of the item.
    2. Any information you might remember about the passenger or passengers revolving around this item.
    3. Your contact information so that Lyft can give this to the passenger should the rider contact Lyft. A passenger left an item in my Lyft car
  • If you are a driver for Lyft in New York City, you can bring the item directly to the office of Lyft and they will take care of its safe return.

There are many times when you may come across items that were left behind by a passenger. It is always best to play it safe and let your company know what happened. This protects you, the company and the passenger. As Independent Contractors for ride-share services, such as Uber and Lyft, you are not required to drive back to the rider if they lost an item. The rider is ultimately responsible for their items and should be reasonable with arrangements to return the item or items.

Be safe when doing your trips and returning items. Document everything and always alert your company so that appropriate action can be taken to resolve any issues you may have when returning a lost item.



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