Uber Driver Tips And FAQ

I will be adding Uber Driver tips and answers to questions here over time.

Uber Pool ride with only one passenger

If you are in a city with Uber Pool and you get an Uber Pool ride with only one passenger, you can send Uber and email that you only got one fare. They will upgrade the ride to an Uber X fare which pays more.

Is it worth it to drive for Uber part time?

Yes. Read our article about driving for Uber part time.

How much can I make as an Uber driver?

It depends. Read our article about how much does Uber pay?

What are some Uber Driver Tips for maximizing your hourly pay?
You need to experiment with different times and locations in your city. How many rides you get is a function of how many other drivers there are on the road as well as how many passengers are ordering cars.
I do best early in the mornings on weekdays and weekends. This might be in part because there are not many drivers out on the road.
I also avoid waiting at the airport for rides unless I want a break from driving.

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Why do you like driving part time for Uber?


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    • My partner is still driving Uber in 2018 so I guess he thinks so. He makes about $17 an hour after expenses in the Portland OR area. He is now driving a 2013 Prius.

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