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Uber Family Profiles: Pay for others to ride Uber

family waiting for an Uber rideUber has taken the taxi industry by storm. As a company, it never seems to get tired of simplifying things, does it? Since posting my Uber Gift Card and Uber Events pages, I’ve received a number of questions asking me if there was any way for customers to pay for others to ride with Uber.

Yes, it is possible to order an Uber for someone else with your own app in real time. However, there is now a way to do it if that person has also has a smartphone.

Uber has recently introduced ‘Family Profiles’, which let you pay for others to ride Uber.

It’s exactly what you’d expect; your family of ten or less can use one profile to order and make payments for Uber rides.


Family Profiles 101

How Uber Family Profiles works:

Upgrade your current app to the latest version. This newest version has the Family Profile option added to the ‘Settings‘ menu. Simply follow the easy-to-grasp directions. If you’re still struggling, I’ve broken it down further for you below:Uber family Profile

  • Open the menu and click on Settings.
  • Select Add Family Profile.
  • Add the contacts of your choosing to the ten slots that appear on the screen.

Immediately after adding a contact, a notification will be sent to their phone. They will then be given the opportunity to choose to either accept or decline the offer. As the account creator, you will be required to add a payment method which can be accessed by each member.

Receipts will be sent directly to the account creator’s inbox each time one of the members takes a ride. This is the reason why only adults are allowed to create Uber accounts.

When riding Uber, users can switch between their personal account and family profile easily. For privacy reasons, no one else will know when you’ve switched to your personal account.

Just for the record, as a rider, you can accept an invitation to Family Profiles while you’re still using the old version of the app but you must download the latest app before your first trip. The newest version is required in order to activate the new feature.

Also, make sure you have the Family Profile as the default method of payment prior to making an order.


How to use it: Family Profiles will sure come in handy…

Save for the fact that the app doesn’t give your kids a restriction for the number of Uber rides per day, the system happens to be a very efficient and convenient one. You need to be at least eighteen to use Uber alone, so only set this up for your older kids.

As a parent, you no longer have to give money to your college-going children or wait to pay the driver after they are dropped off at home in the evening. Only a two-minute lesson on how to use the app (or more likely they will teach you, if my daughter is any example!) and they’re good to go!


Who is your “family”?  Other ways to use Uber Family Profiles

You can also use this function to pay for anyone you trust and want to pay for.

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For employers, it’s a sure and unparalleled way of paying for your employees’ business cab trips. The plan will not only save you time and money but will also serve as a supervisory partner when your employees are out on official trips.

For business people, you could set up regular clients as your “family”.  If you have some trusted friends you could set them up on the profile if you’re hosting a party and Uber Events does not meet your needs.


I’m ready to go now?

Yes, you are – but only if your city is supported. For now, Phoenix, Atlanta and Dallas are the only locations where Family Profiles has been launched. However, the idea, according to close associates, is to have the plan spreading to as many cities as possible in the coming months.UberEATS

So, you may have to wait a little longer if you’re not from any of the aforementioned cities.

The news comes just days after another Uber service has been rolled out. UberEATS has been developed into a separate independent app.

UberEATS is a one and a half year old module in the Uber app which delivers a changing menu of lunch options from popular food outlets across your city.

This makeover highlights the company’s determination in ensuring its customers are beneficiaries of cutting edge, first rate services.


What caused the launch of Family Profiles?

In case you didn’t know, it was due to incessant customer requests that this module was introduced, and Uber actually noted it in their press release. Regardless of who made it happen, though, it’s all thanks to the company that the plan is now operational.

We can finally get to split bills with friends and foot the bills for our loved ones right in the comfort of our living rooms/work/church/court, anywhere!


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