Uber For Business Transportation Solutions

Uber for Business Transportation Solutions

In 2009, a small transportation company from San Francisco took the taxi industry by storm. Since its inception, Uber has become a household name and used in hundreds of cities by millions of people worldwide. In this article, we will take a look at the Uber for Business program.

Uber offers a variety of services, such as the popular UberX and the economical UberPOOL. This giant in the transportation system has even expanded its services to include food delivery.

Uber also offer many business transportation solutions for both administrators and employees. Uber can help simplify employee ground transportation needs for business purposes.

Uber for Business

For Admins

For administrators, some of the major benefits of using Uber for Business are:

  • Easy management of employee travel
  • Automated policy enforcement
  • Simplified expensing
  • In-app expense codes
  • Easy enrollment into the Uber for Business program

For administrators, Uber For Business offers easy management of employee ground transportation. Employers can see the pickup and drop off location and times, as well as the duration of the trip. This means it is easy to monitor what trips their account is used for.

On the same note, Uber for Business offers easy and automated policy enforcement. The business profile on the mobile app is automatically set up for any ride at any time. However, the coordinator can set stricter perimeters to prevent abuse or overuse of the system.

For example, a company policy may be that employees that work until 7.00pm can have a ride home. Your company can set the app to only function on the business profile after 7.00pm. Likewise, a company may send employees out to a different office for a period of time. The administrator can set the profile so it can only function to pickup and drop off from the remote office location.

Everyone knows that one of the major benefits of using the Uber transportation company for personal use is how convenient it is. No calling a cab and long wait times and no surprises when it comes to payment. Additionally, the Uber driver possesses a navigation system to tell them exactly where to go.

Uber for Business incorporates this same convenience into its expense reports. The monthly report shows trips, service used (i.e. UberSelect, UberX) and any expensing codes entered by the employee. The invoice is then automatically charged to the company credit card. The expense reports are straightforward, easy to read and make client billing easy.

The In-app expense code system makes client billing a non-issue for administrators. It also means that they don’t have to chase their employees after the fact, asking for taxi chits. They also don’t have to try to determine what event or department the ride was for.

This feature prompts your employees to enter their expense code before they can request an Uber in the mobile app. It also has a section for extra notes, which prevents a hassle later.

For example, if one of your employees meets John Smith for a consult over dinner, they may enter the code JSmith and, in notes, they may write something like “legal consult over dinner at this Restaurant”. In your expense reports, you will be able to separate off all trips coded JSmith and easily charge them to Mr. Smith. The notes offer information so that if the administrator was ever questioned about a client charge, they could determine what the event in question was.

Finally, no matter what the size of your business, the Uber for Business program is easy to enroll in. The only requirement is an email domain name for business (for example [email protected]) and a business credit card.

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Although Uber doesn’t offer discounts for corporate accounts , one of the main perks of Uber, in general, is that it is less expensive than other modes of ground transport.

For Employees

Uber for Business also makes things easier for your employees by:

  • Being available in hundreds of cities worldwide
  • Offering on-demand rides
  • Offering scheduled rides
  • Easy switching between personal and business accounts

Uber is available in tons of cities globally. This means that your employees are easily able to get transport even in countries where they don’t speak the native language. It also means they won’t have to find cab phone numbers to be able to travel in other cities. They simply use the same app that they use at home. This makes travel easy, but also can also reduce anxiety for your traveling employees.

They have the option of on-demand rides, which would be the same service as UberX. This means that they will connect to the closest available Uber driver, which makes it easy for them to move efficiently between meetings and to and from hotels. It means that they no longer have to struggle to find a number for a cab in a foreign city. They also don’t have to try to navigate public transportation or carry all their taxi chits for their transportation away.


The Uber for Business program also allows employees to schedule rides up to 30 days in advance. This can help them organize their days and their meetings appropriately. This feature will give them peace of mind that they won’t be stuck without a ride to the airport or an important meeting.

Employees can also select from all the regular Uber services. This includes UberEATS if they eat out because of business travel and UberSELECT if they need a fancy ride for a specific event.

Employees who have a personal Uber account can use their existing Uber app and simply add the business profile. Uber makes it straightforward for employees to move between the two profiles, depending on whether they are using Uber for Business or for personal transport.

The business model for Uber for Business is typical of what was a small San Francisco transportation company. Uber for Business offers timesaving, economical and easy solutions for employee ground transportation, wherever their work may take them. From offering on-demand or scheduled rides for employees in cities worldwide on the mobile app to offering simple expensing solutions and automated policy enforcement, as well as easy client billing, Uber for Business is sure to meet and exceed your professional needs and expectations.


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