Uber Greenlight Hub: What Is It?

What is Uber Greenlight Hub?

uber greenlight hubUber Greenlight Hub is a service which aims to setup face-to-face support centers for Uber driver-partners and riders. The idea is to provide useful, efficient and global customer support for their ever growing number of users. The program is a few months old and is operational in a couple of cities. The majority of which are based in the US, the UK and other western countries.

What is the Function of the Uber Greenlight Hub Service?

Uber, for a long time, have had a problem addressing the thousands of complaints and issues that arise daily. These can involve clients having problems with driver-partners, the UberX app itself and even first-time customers struggling to use the application itself.

The service marks another attempt by Uber to emerge as the undisputed market leader in the ride-share and taxi industry. The Greenlight Hub seeks to provide additional support for partners and riders with less urgent complaints and queries. The existing online support systems will remain unaffected for those seeking fast answers to pressing issues.

What The Greenlight Hub Can Help With

If you’re seeking the kind of assistance we’ve mentioned, uber greenlight hubyou can visit an Uber Greenlight location during office hours and submit your gripe in person. This makes for a much more efficient service as feedback and appeals are presented in real-time and waiting for a response is not necessary.

Among the topics that the support team are qualified to advise on are general questions, the signup process, smartphone troubleshooting, vehicle inspections, driver and rider referrals and medical examinations (if you’re a Denver resident).

For those seeking to work with Uber, this represents another chance of employment with the multinational company. Those who feel inspired by the service that Uber offers but do not have a license to drive can still get involved through the Greenlight Hub.  But is it as easy signing up for a job in this exciting department as it is becoming a driver-partner?

On paper it doesn’t seem so. Not ignoring the fact that you can become a secretary or a subordinate staff member in an Uber Greenlight Hub, we are going to hone in on two upper roles – the Greenlight hub coordinator and the hub manager.

Uber Greenlight Hub Coordinator

Working in an Uber Greenlight Hub as a Coordinatorcoordinator arguably has the most taxing responsibilities. This relates to the fact that it is the coordinator’s task to offer solutions during more intense and difficult interactions with customers.

However, a larger part of the job calls for a more technical skill set. One of the tougher tasks for coordinators involves putting the center’s daily operations in analytical data form for references. Also, you are charged with the responsibility to train and assist Uber experts (UEs) who are going to be directly involved in support services.

Perhaps you now understand why a Bachelor’s degree is a necessary prerequisite for the job. Along with this formal qualification, candidates are expected to have at least three years’ experience and prove that they have solved problems of similar complexity in the past.

Uber Greenlight Operations Manager

As an operations manager you’re basically the boss of several Greenlight hub coordinators and are charged with the responsibility of overseeing the financial performance of the center. It’s under your watch and direction that UEs and coordinators will be finding solutions to common complaints, managing vendor relationships and improving partner experience.

Basically, you will be answerable to the Uber offices as well as providing solutions where necessary and possible. According to Uber themselves, you are going to be the face of the company to riders and partners in your city.

Just like a branch manager, you will be responsible for the profits and losses of your center and are thus given the freedom to make major decisions without consultation.

Before Uber are willing to give you such responsibility they’ll need to see your credentials. The company requires candidates hold at least one relevant Bachelor’s degree and some background in support team management. As well this, those candidates who demonstrate superior performance in mathematics and/or data analysis will be favored. An ability to express verbal communications concisely is also required, as well as being compassionate to the gripes and grumbles of others.

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Benefits of Working as a Greenlight Hub Manager or Coordinator

Those who make it into the Uber Greenlight Hub team enjoy several Benefits of Working as a Greenlight Hub Manager or Coordinatorperks of the job. We’ve listed some of the most lucrative and exciting benefits below.

Just like every other Uber employee, you will receive:

  • Uber credits on a monthly basis
  • a full medical package
  • an unlimited vacation policy i.e. creating vacation time for yourself by putting in extra weekly hours

Above all, you will have signed up to work with one of the fastest growing (in terms of actual size, and reputation) companies on the planet. So, what are you waiting for?







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