Uber Hop Set To Change Commuting

The recent launch of Uber Hop service has many people talking about this new concept from Uber. If you follow the latest news on commuting or carpooling you mostly likely are aware of UberHop.

As a commuter, your goal is to save time, money, and enjoy maximum satisfaction and comfort. However, this is becoming much harder or more costly today. With the number of cars increasing, parking becoming scarcer and roads remaining the same, people are stuck in traffic longer. To avoid such situations, they look for better alternatives and that’s why many are turning to UberHop.

What Is Uber Hop?

UberHop is a new commuting service that has been launched by Uber. Uber first came into the limelight for its innovative idea that allows car sharing. With this new concept, you will be able to share a ride with people who usually use the same route as you. The goal is to pool commuters together on a regular route so as to minimize cost and inconvenience, as well as to earn the driver some money.

The idea came about after the company realized that many people usually use the same route day-in, day-out. And since they travel on the same route, why not offer a service that makes their life easier?

To get an available driver to get where you are going, all you need to install and use the Uber app in cities where Uber Hop is being tested.

Who Is Uber Hop Targeted At?

The Uber Hop service has brought a lot of excitement especially to the world of commuters and environmmentalists. People have more options when it comes to reliable, cost-effective, and convenient travel. This new service is targeted at people who regularly use the same route and desire better service. woman reading and drinking coffee in uber

It’s also ideal for drivers who find the cost of fueling, servicing and maintaining the car costly and would like to make extra income. UberHop also targets individuals who find the cost of parking or finding a parking place a bit challenging.

How Does Uber Hop Work?

UberHop service is being piloted in different cities as we speak including Seattle. The service seeks to connect multiple riders who use the same route. After signing up for the service, a rider is able to access predetermined pickup and drop-off locations within a specified time frame.

Unlike the normal Uber service, the rider is required to walk to a suggested location just as he /she would when going to catch the bus. The rider will also get the Uber at a defined spot similar to a bus stop. Because it’s a shared ride, the rider has to keep good time so as not to inconvenience other users. There is only one drop-off point since the routes are point-to-point.

Uber is testing Uberhop in several markets, including Toronto, where it is $5 for a ride.

The newly-launched serviced by Uber is causing quite a stir in the commuter market due to the following advantages:

  • Convenient and Comfortable: One main benefit of Uber Hop is the added convenience and comfort. Unlike normal public transportation, a rider is guaranteed there is no overcrowding. Also, because of the small size of the car, only a limited number of passengers can be carried at any given time.
  • Cost-Effective: The Uber service is way cheaper than normal Uber service and at times the fare may be almost similar to that paid in public transport. And to make the experience better, the company has introduced a flat fee of $5.
  • Time-Efficient: Unlike the normal cab service, you don’t need to call Uber hop service all the time. what are uber and lyftYou also don’t have to walk to the bus stop and wait for a bus that may be delayed. Simply use the app via your phone to request a schedule.
  • Environmental Friendly: By encouraging car sharing or car pooling, the service encourages people to leave their cars at home. This reduces congestion on the road as well as pollution.
  • Safe and Modern Cars: As per Uber’s policy, only “newish” cars are accepted. As a rider, you are assured of not only comfort but safety as well due to criminal and driver record background checks that Uber performs.

Just as it has its advantages, the Uber Hop service also features the following disadvantages:

  • Walking Distance: Unlike the usual Uber or cab service, a rider has to walk to a predetermined pickup point. Same thing applies when being dropped off.
  • No Cash Payment: Uber services are cashless meaning that only debit or credit cards are accepted. This locks out many people who don’t own bank accounts.
  • Not Suitable in Remote location: The service mimics the normal bus service where a rider walks to the nearest stop. If a person lives far from a main road or stop, then walking or asking the driver to come over isn’t possible.
  • Can’t Contact Driver: You can’t contact the driver in case you are running late since he has to stick to the agreed timetable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q: Are pets allowed on board?
A: Yes pets are allowed. However, there must be room for other passengers as well as their luggage.

Q: Is Cancellation possible?
A: When making an arrangement you are committing to both the riders as well as driver. It therefore brings inconvenience to them.

Q: My Uber Hop app isn’t showing, what’s the problem?
A: You may need to refresh, open and close, or update the app.

Q: Where Do I report Issues?
A: You can always report issues via [email protected]

Q: What the Driver’s waiting Time?
A: The driver can only wait for the specified time. If you delay, you’ll need to book for another UberHop.

Though still new in the market, this latest service from Uber is certainly going to change the commuting scene. It’s designed to work just like the normal bus service only more convenient, comfortable and  pocket-friendly. As a rider you get to enjoy almost the same privileges as if you were in your own car.

You also make some extra income by sharing the ride as a driver. Unfortunately, the cashless service can only be paid using either debit or credit card, it’s not yet available in all regions, and it’s not effective in remote regions. Nonetheless, If you desire comfort, convenience, and peace-of-mind, you’ll find Uber Hop is quite ideal.

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