Uber Oops! – Things Don’t Always Go Smoothly

Uber Oops! – Wrong Passenger
A few nights ago I got pinged to a downtown Portland hotel. As I pulled up to pick up “Jeff”, four people approached my van and hopped in. I could tell they had been drinking but fortunately they were the happy variety of drunk. After asking the customary “what’s your name?” question and found out that it was “George” (& company) and not “Jeff”.woman reading and drinking coffee in uber

They were just getting settled when I explained that they had the wrong Uber and would have to get out and wait for their driver. “Why can’t you take us?” they protested. I told them that “Jeff” almost certainly did not want to pay for their ride!

Thankfully, another Uber car showed up pretty quickly and I was able to point them in the direction of their ride. They weren’t happy about leaving my roomy van for the much smaller saloon that arrived but they moved on.

Meanwhile, “Jeff” saw the goings on and assumed I wasn’t his ride. I got out and asked if he was looking for an Uber and found out he was my passenger. This kind of thing happens a lot when I arrive at a busy location. Veteran passengers know to ask for “Richard” before they get in, but not everyone knows the finer points of Uber etiquette.

Hopefully, if Uber Spot is unveiled, this particular “Uber oops” might be a thing of the past.

Uber Oops! – Know your Equipment

I had only been driving for two weeks when I receivedbig man in the rain a ping in a local neighborhood. Being based in Portland, the weather was typically dark and wet. I pulled up to the curb and opened my van door. Three passengers hopped in the back, and a very rotund gentleman got into the shotgun seat next to me.



All ready to go, I hit the door switch, heard the motor engage briefly and then quit. One more try and I heard a scraping sound. I’m sure my face was turning quite red with embarrassment by now.

Why wouldn’t it close? I was considering cancelling the ride at this point, fearing the worst for my van’s engine. I had just started to apologize for the inconvenience when the guy in the front seat said “I’m a fat man, this kind of thing happens all the time.” Then he bellowed “Everybody out!” I realized that my door had bottomed out on the curb and was going no where!

Everyone was out and I pulled away from the curb and then it was working again. I think you’ll agree that the outcome could have been a lot worse!

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