Uber Passenger Tips And FAQ

Here are some Lyft and Uber passenger tips I know of and some answers to questions that people have asked me.

Updated 7/9/16

Can you order an Uber gift card?

Currently no. See our article about Uber gift cards

Can I get another free ride after I take my first one?

Yes, if you sign up with Uber on Facebook Messenger, you get another free credit. Read our article about the First Free ride with Uber.

Can you tip an Uber driver?

Yes you can! They are supposed to decline the first offer to tip, but can accept the second one.  Read our article about Uber tipping.

Due to the settlement of their employment lawsuits, Uber is allowing Uber drivers to ask for tips.

Hello, I signed up a new Uber account but I have not received any promo code for the 1st ride. Where can I find it? Thank you!

You can use mine: .  Just enter it in the “Promo Code” box on your app.
Do you sell Uber gift cards?

No, I don’t, no one does.  You can read about Uber Events here to see if that will meet your needs.

Can I order an Uber in advance?

No, but there really is no need to. In most places where Uber is available, there is one just 4 or 5 minutes away at the tap of a button on your app.  They are working on rolling this out soon though. You can use Taxilater right now.

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I am going to be throwing a birthday bash for my boyfriend someone explained to me about Uber gift cards. I want to bring all his friends with Uber to my home to and from with Uber and I want to pay for it. Is there a way to buy a gift card or prepay so when they are ready to come and leave they call their ride and it is no cost to them and no problems nothing all they do is call and leave?

Yes, check out our Uber Events page.

Can you use a texting only phone to order Uber?

No, unfortunately, you can’t. You need a computer of some type to order Uber.  Read how to order Uber online here.

There is another way to call Uber without a smartphone. It’s called GoGoGrandparent and it’s growing really, really fast. www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/2016/apr/10/gogograndparent-uber-seniors-without-smartphones/

How much does Uber cost from my home to someplace I am going?

Try this site: https://www.uber.com/fare-estimate/

Can you get rides from Uber any time of day or night?

I guess it depends where you live. In a big city that has Uber, sure you can.  I took Uber to the airport at 3 am in the morning recently.

Can I call Uber to order a cab?

Not right now but they are testing this service right now. Check out this article http://www.cnbc.com/2016/06/14/uber-is-experimenting-with-a-phone-dispatch-system-to-bridge-public-transit-gap-in-florida.html


If you have any questions about Uber or Lyft, please contact me here.

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