UberPEDAL In Portland, Oregon: A Twist To Ride Share

What is UberPEDAL?

In spring of 2015, Uber launched an innovative way to serve cyclists in the Portland area. After only a month in Portland, the company decided to enhance their app with the introduction of UberPEDAL. This twist on ride sharing, introduced a new phenomenon to fans of Uber, creating what is known as bike share. The introduction of this new development provides many benefits to both drivers that offer the service, and the customers that use it.

Now, before revealing the many advantages that the service provides, it’s important to know what exatly UberPEDAL is and how it works. Put simply, it’s an option available on the Uber app that allows users to bring their bikes along for a ride. It functions the same way as Uber, except there are bike racks located on the vehicle you travel in. Download the Uber app on your smartphone, select UberPEDAL and wait as your chariot arrives. A reputable company called Saris produces the racks that are attached to UberX vehicles thus presenting you with UberPEDAL.uber pedal

As an Uber driver, by adding the option to pick up riders with bicycles, you increase your earnings. UberPEDAL started in Seattle and is now being offering users in Portland, Oregon and beyond too. Although you have to purchase your own bike rack for your vehicle, Saris offers various options for you to afford their higher-end products. Not only do they offer discounts to drivers, they assist with the proper fitting of their racks. Due to the style and high quality finish of your new bike rack, there are no concerns over damaging your vehicle. This partnership between Uber and Saris is starting to change how people travel across the city.

UberPEDAL Advantages To Riders

There are many advantages to selecting the UberPEDAL option. The racks Saris provide are spacious enough to fit two bikes on a standard UberX vehicle. This allows for the option of having a friend join you for a ride around town. You’ll just have to pay an additional $5 surcharge. Additionally, these vehicles are reliable and convenient. With the unpredictable weather in the Pacific Northwest, having access to UberPEDAL can provide a sense of security. Suppose you are out on a bike ride and you get a flat or it starts pouring down rain. Simply, open the app and voila you and your bike are saved from a premature shower.

The program encourages more residents in the Portland area to stay active. Offering an option to allow cyclists to receive a ride that includes room for their bikes, will influence more cyclists to take advantage of this type of ride share. This will in turn create a domino effect by which Uber’s customer base will increase.

For those interested in keeping the environment green, by participating in ride and bike share, you are making a contribution to decreasing general pollution. This is, of course, due to the reduction of vehicles on the road.

UberPEDAL offers an even greater sense of freedom to cyclists in the Portland area. They can enjoy the comfort of knowing they can go cycling wherever they choose. Meanwhile, they needn’t worry about being stranded with an expensive bicycle, should an unforeseen incident occur while cycling. Whether you choose to have a few drinks with your friends or your bike gets damaged while on an adventure through the city, knowing that someone can pick you up with a swipe of a finger is undoubtedly reassuring.

Despite the service being relatively new to the world of ride share, Uber Pedal is giving cyclists what they want. If you choose to ride a few miles away from home and then decide not to cycle back, a reliable option will take you back whenever you need it.

It’s worth remembering, however, that drivers are to be dispatched to a safe location. This is to ensure that they are able to pull their vehicle over to the side of the road safely and with enough room and time to mount the bike on the vehicle. This provides even greater safety for drivers.

Branching into the cyclist market reaches out to the many people in the Portland area. It’s no secret that cycling is a popular pastime and mode of transportation here. With the developments being made by Uber, the future will likely see the idea expand to other cities. This will allow even greater numbers of people to enjoy the flexibility afforded by UberPEDAL.

UberPEDAL Advantages to Drivers

Here is some information I received personally from Uber about the program:

“UberPEDAL partners make, on average, 37% more per trip than their trips on UberX. We’re always looking for more PEDAL drivers, so if you’re interested, please go to this link to view the different options for getting started.

The most important question, will the bike rack (Bones 2 or Freedom Hitch) fit on your car? Head over to the Saris Fit Guide to see if your car is compatible with the bike rack.

Doesn’t fit? Read Option 3— purchasing your own rack.

You have a few different options to get set up with your Saris rack.

Option 1:

Saris is offering a 45% discount for Uber Partner Drivers on their Bones 2 trunk rack or Freedom Hitch Rack. PEDAL drivers make, on average, 37% more per trip than their trips on uberX. There’s a limited number of bike racks available for purchase at the PSC, just fill out this form to schedule a time to come by!

For a limited number of partners, we will be offering a guarantee with purchase of one of the Saris Racks available at the PSC. For partners who qualify (first come, first serve) we will guarantee that you will pay off the rack in PEDAL fares in the first three months if you maintain a 90% acceptance rate & are online on average 100 hours per month over the next three months. If you do not cover the cost of the rack and meet the terms and conditions we will credit your account the difference, and you will own a shiny new bike rack!

Option 2:

Not one for commitment? We understand, lease a rack from us for an easy deposit. The rack will be brand new, trunk or hitch variety, and we will take the price of the rack out of your weekly earnings as a deposit. Don’t like earning more money? Just return the rack in working order within the first year and we will return your deposit. Decide you love the rack and all the extra fares? Convert your lease into a purchase at any time, or just keep it after a year and it is yours!

Option 3:

Buy a rack of your own and send us the make, model and picture of your bike rack to ensure it meets UberPEDAL standards, and we will get you set up as an UberPEDAL driver!

Next Steps!

  • Email us back and let us know you want to move forward!
  • Let us know which option you’d like to go with (buy or lease a Saris rack, purchase your own)
  • Fill out this form to schedule a time to come pick up your rack at the Partner Support Center.
  • Once you have your rack, we will activate you on UberPEDAL, and you are good to go!”

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