UberRUSH: Is It Worth It?

Introducing UberRUSH: An Innovative New Bike and Car Courier Service From Uber

Bike and car delivery is not a new idea. However, the ride-share giant, Uber, thinks it has hit the jackpot with its innovative new courier service, UberRUSH. The service is only applicable in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. bike messenger could be for uber rush

First launched in the year 2014, UberRUSH lets the user hail a certain courier by using the app. You use the app like you would use the regular Uber one and track your bike messenger on screen as they approach your home or place of business.

So, instead of specifically hailing an Uber to go and pick up the jacket that you left drunkenly across town, you can just arrange for one of the fleet of UberRUSH’s bike messengers or regular Uber drivers to retrieve it for you in less than an hour.

Difference between UberRUSH and its competitors

The main difference between UberRUSH and its competitors like Amazon Prime Now , Postmates and Kozmo bike and car delivery is that unlike the other delivery services, UberRUSH does not actually involve any purchase of products or transactions at the customer’s end. It merely involves the delivery of already owned and purchased products. This makes it very similar to a traditional messenger service. Users can then track the delivery of the package directly on the app.

The other big difference is the prices. The prices for UberRUSH are exceptionally low.

  • In San Francisco, the first mile costs $6 and every additional mile is charged at $3 extra.
  • For New York City, the first mile is charged at $5.50 and the extra mile is charged at $2.5.
  • In Chicago, the first mile is charged at 5 $ and the extra mile is charged at $2.75.

Apparently, Uber gives 75 % to 80 % of the proceeds from the service directly to the Uber Rush messenger.

Unlike similar services, when you open up the app, a list of restaurants and stores will not pop up. A company such as Postmates will give you a list of its delivery partners such as McDonalds and Subway and let you choose a service directly from the app. The only function of the UberRUSH driver will be to only deliver a personal courier for you whenever you need, that’s all. It is quite simple and very straightforward.

Opportunities for Uber Drivers with UberRUSH

UberRUSH has immense opportunities to become a delivery giant in New York City, San Francisco and Chicago due its affordable prices and high quality service. However, one business opportunity which UberRUSH should seize is delivery service requests during peak hours from businesses such as restaurants. uber rush delivery possibly

During lunch and dinner hours, if a restaurant is completely swamped with bulk orders and reservations, they can always use the Uber platform to summon a courier and get their food delivered on time.

This is highly effective because according to the area of delivery, an UberRUSH delivery messenger can not only carry one but multiple orders.

Or, for example, a small flower boutique downtown can order the UberRUSH delivery service to complete a same day delivery their orders. This is an extremely efficient option as it is an independent bike messenger company and, therefore, can easily fulfil orders quickly and effectively.

Moreover, most of the time customers will not realize that they have indirectly hired an UberRUSH delivery service unless they have confirmed the order and received a link to track the bike messenger .

Payment Strategies For Businesses who use UberRUSH

The stark difference between other companies and UberRUSH is that it can easily charge low prices for its services from its clients, This is due to two main reasons:

Businesses don’t have to pay the UberRush Company to sign up for their services. They can just opt for the single delivery service, which will cost the merchant hiring the service anywhere between $5 and $8 depending on your exact location.

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The company will pay 80 % of the fee to the bike messenger and keep the rest for itself. It does involve contracts, however. So, whether the company wants to pay the price of the delivery from its own pocket or wants to delegate it to the customers is totally up to the merchant.

Secondly, rival companies sign up with affiliate partners and include comprehensive packages which include purchase and delivery of the product. This ensures that the delivery company pays a certain commission to the partner. This significantly reduces profits. However, UberRUSH does not involve selling any products or does not get entangled with any affiliate partners . That is why it can charge significantly lower prices and get away with it without suffering heavy losses.

Reactions of Bike Messenger Competitors

The reactions of bike messengers have been mixed. Just like cab drivers found it irritating when UberRUSH bicycle messengers zipped through their territory, many bike messengers working with other companies expressed their frustrations.

Many bikers say that other bike delivery service companies cannot compete with the cheap prices offered by Uber. This obviously sets them back. Alternatively, many have said that the number of orders for delivery every hour are much more when compared to what a local bike messenger service agency would receive. This mitigates the sometimes low paying job.

Also, the working hours are much more reasonable. This makes it a good option to work as a bike messenger for UberRUSH.

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  1. I have been passed the background check to deliver by bike. I downloaded the app from the webpage and still can not change my mode of transportation (delivery) to bike. It only tells me to put the information of a vehicle (car) as in registration number, license plate, car make and model etc. I would like to get started but don’t know how. I even signed up my bank account for direct deposit. Please help.

    • My partner has recently tried Postmates and was not too thrilled with it. He is now trying Caviar to see if he likes it better.

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