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UberX driver partner jobs are becoming quite common as more and more people embrace the idea of ride-sharing. If you’ve been considering joining the Uber team of drivers but are unsure of the finer details then look no further. We’ve provided this guide to the advantages of ride-sharing to help people decide whether the job is for them or not.

Uber is an online ride-share company that has developed a smartphone application that brings together drivers and riders. A car owner is able to share a ride with people nearby and earn cash while they do it. Maybe you haven’t signed up for the job because you aren’t familiar with the concept of ride-sharing, or you don’t know how you benefit.

Why should you become an UberX driver partner?

1. Earn Good Money with UberX Driver Partner Jobs

If your idea of ride-sharing is you driving with your friends or other people without any form of compensation, then think again. Uber is changing all of this and making the concept of the ride-share a potentially lucrative one. The internet-based company enables you to make money when you share your ride. This certainly helps you offset the cost family being picked up from airport by uber driverof maintaining the car, putting bread on the table, and it also allows you to make money during your free time. According to a report from Uber Executives, driving for Uber is likely to earn you more money per hour worked than a traditional taxi driver.

2. Flexible Schedules

One of my favorite parts of being an Uber driver is that I can work at it full time if I want, or part time (as little as one ride per month).

You may be holding back from signing as an Uber driver partner because you don’t want to wait around all day. Also, you might dread the idea of being stuck in traffic for long hours. Uber is not your ordinary taxi service and you get to determine your own schedule. This means you get to work when you want, where you want and in what conditions.

If you want Uber to assign you a customer, all you need to do is turn on the Uber app using your phone to receive a ride ping. If you want to relax or to handle other issues, simply turn off the application. As a driver you work when you want without feeling tied to the job.

3. Be Your Own Boss

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss? Working whenever you want, not having a manager breathing down your neck, or having to dance to somebody else’s tune? Uber gives you the chance to do exactly that. Unlike the usual cab/taxi service, UberX driver partner jobs are contracted independently. You are not employed by the company and you don’t need to be at a specified location, or work at a given time. The only boss you may have is the occasional fussy passenger.

Although the company has managers who monitor operations, their job is more of ensuring everything is okay. As long as you get good ratings from your passengers, follow a few rules and obey the law, they won’t tell you what to do or what not to do.

4. Easy Signup

Let’s face it- with the rising competition in the taxi service industry, finding a decent job is becoming much harder. You either have to be extra aggressive, or settle for lower paying jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a taxi driver in 2013 earned about $10 per hour, putting their annual salary at around $22,840.

Despite the minimal earnings, finding a job with a good company is hard. Uber is here to help, however. The requirements to become an UberX driver partner are simple.  You need a newish car (at least 2007 to 2005 model, depending on your city), have a clean driving license, pass a background security check, and have a working smartphone. The signup process only takes a few minutes and you don’t have to pay a joining fee.

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5. Work with a Reputable Company

Although the company is fairly new to the market, its popularity has been growing rather fast. There are several explanations behind its rapid growth:

  • it has changed the ride-sharing and taxi service outlook
  • Uber has created a user-friendly platform for riders and drivers to interact with one another
  • the fares charged by Uber Driver partners are among the most competitive in the market
  • the company and its service enjoy positive reviews from consumers and analysts. By becoming an UberX driver partner you also become part of a reputable company. This means you don’t have to struggle when looking for customers or clients

6. Cashless Transactions

In contrast to your usual cab service, users of Uber don’t pay in cash. When signing up for the service, potential customers are required to provide credit card details. This will then be used to settle payment after sharing a ride. The fee goes directly to the company, after which it is allocated to the driver on a weekly basis; the driver gets paid a cut later in the week. This means that the driver doesn’t have to carry lots of cash around with them. This minimizes the risk of loss or getting robbed.

Because of this form of payment schedule, UberX driver partner jobs resemble more traditional employment opportunities. A driver will receive a weekly wage, but they must be aware that they will have to pay their own taxes and keep track of expenses to deduct. It becomes easier for the driver to account for the expenses and know how much he is making.

7. Have Fun and Meet People

My favorite part of being an Uber driver is meeting people from all over the place. Most jobs require you to sit for long hours, at the same location and with the same old faces. Uber differs massively in this respect. As a registered UberX driver partner, you can work from anywhere, at anytime. You also get to meet new people in the course of your work.

While the drunken passenger who may vomit in your car may be extra baggage, it can be highly entertaining thinking back to some of the characters you’ve met in your passenger seat. Some passengers may be quite sociable and will give you helpful information. Oh, and what about the amazing events, sights and landmarks you may come across while driving around? If you love traveling then an UberX driver partner job may just be what you need.

We’ve summarized the above advantages of becoming an UberX driver partner below. If any of the following sounds good to you, maybe it’s time you switched career:

  • you enjoy job flexibility and choose when and how to work
  • meeting new people and visiting new places
  • not worrying about payments because the company you’re working with has a good reputation and you receive a paycheck on weekly basis.
  • Unlike ordinary taxi services, where you stick to a fixed price, as an Uber driver you can take advantage of exceptionally high fares (surge) that are witnessed during an event, festival, or concert. The increased demand pushes fares up when the driver supply is low.
  • An Uber driver gets to keep about 80% of the amount paid by the passenger (depending on your city).


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