Uberx Part Time Jobs: Uber Driving As A Second Job

One of the best ways to earn some extra money is by joining Uber and driving as a second job. Signing up to be an Uber driver is easy and you can join online now. Many people have increased their income and are enjoying the financial freedom that the service affords.

There are many different opportunities that would-be drivers can enjoy. It’s simply a case of finding clients, that, thanks to Uber’s innovative platform, couldn’t be more straight forward. Basically, they provide a freelance taxi driving/ride-share agency. Anyone can join, regardless of their background, or age and it’s popular among college students and man hailing a taxiother young people looking for ways to make ends meet. Driving Uber can also offer a nice side income for retirees who want to try their hands out in business.  Uber drivers come from all walks of life and most part time drivers are college educated.

Getting started with UberX part time jobs

According to Uber’s official website, the sign up process has been simplified into three basic steps:

  • I. Register by providing the necessary documents
  • II. Wait for approval. Once the company verifies your details, you will have the option of getting an iPhone which will be used for communication and to access their services for a monthly fee.
  • III. Once you are approved and the Uber phone has reached you, start using their mobile app to develop a personal schedule and begin earning.

Pros of UberX Part Time Jobs

a) Flexibility of your job

One of the key selling points of this ride sharing company is the business model’s flexibility. Instead of running on a preset schedule, Uber drivers can choose their own operation hours and set particular fees for their clients.

b) Good pay

Since there is no fixed service cost, motorists can make unlimited amounts of cash with this on-demand taxi service. Workers are typically paid a percentage commission for each dollar they earn on behalf of the company through their operations. Nevertheless, the compensation setup is constantly updated and it’s therefore important for one to regularly visit their website for a better understanding of how much the company pays.

c) Good technology for easier driving

Driving a car for Uber is incredibly simple, thanks to their user-friendly mobile interface. This keeps drivers and passenger connected. If you’re working part time as an Uber driver, you can switch on the mobile app when your free. You can then offer your driving services and take fares. When you’ve had enough, simply turn the app off again.

Flexibility is a clear advantage that this part time employment offers, making it particularly enticing for those who only want to make a bit of extra income. Most drivers agree that Uber offers them more in terms of communication with the company and clients. It has a robust mobile interface that allows users to login immediately after a fare has been paid and see just how much cash they’ve made for that particular session.

Cons of UberX Part Time Jobs

1. Some people say that Uber has a tendency of inflating prices during peak season when demand for taxis is high.  This can lead to drivers getting poor ratings some say, although Uber and others insist this is not true.

2. It’s currently only available in big cities. Those who live smaller towns are unable to access Uber driving as a second job or ride-share opportunities. This will likely change in the future, however.


Registering with this “taxi agency” can be a great way for someone to make extra money in their free time, without necessarily committing to a conventional job. Those who work for Uber don’t just operate as independent contractors, but also ‘small scale entrepreneurs’ who constantly prove that driving for them can be both sustainable and profitable.

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Being in a position to set your own service program means you will probably find time to balance between work and family life. Though most people prefer working part time, you can earn even more money by operating full time with the company.

Uber also run have a blog where users can access new information and get in-touch with each other through an open forum. This helps in alleviating any worries that the driver may have while rendering services to clients. It also creates a communal environment where people feel welcomed and supported by the parent company.

Uber deducts any necessary expenses and then determines your net earnings. This includes Uber’s fees and sales tax. Other minor costs vary from one driver to another such as gas mileage, maintenance, car cleanings, vehicle depreciation and insurance.

Uber provides a really user friendly service for those wishing to earn besides another job. Since operations are flexible, drivers can decide to go out during the busiest time periods when they are guaranteed to get the most work. Naturally, this does involve working evenings and weekends but the rewards can be well worth the sacrifice.



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