How To Get Unlimited Rides With Uber Pool

Ever dreamed of unlimited rides with Uber? Just being able to hop into a cab and take off without Unlimited Rides With Uber Poolworrying if you have the funds to cover it? Uber have been working towards making this a reality. Unfortunately, the idea is still very much in its infancy and still has some kinks that need ironing out.

Less than a week ago, the multinational ride-sharing company introduced a new feature to their app. The latest addition to the platform will allow riders to pay in advance for rides. This will involve a subscription fee of $100 for two weeks and $200 for one month of unlimited fares. Likely causes of such innovations are the increasing competition that companies like Uber are facing from other startups in the ride-share field.

Riders should be warned however, that the feature is still in its beta phase of development. There will be a trial period lasting through the month of October and the company have been quiet about its continuity thereafter.

Unfortunately, users should not be rushing to take advantage of the innovation just yet. The beta testing of the service is only operational in New York City for now. The program will work below 125th Street in Manhattan and all rides must begin and end in Manhattan. So, unfortunately, if you live outside this area you will not be able to take advantage of the subscription based service.

Another important fact to point out is that the program only applies to UberPool rides. UberPool is a recent Uber innovation which lets riders share a journey with other random passengers headed in the same direction at a bargain price.Unlimited Rides With Uber Pool

Currently, the idea is for a merging of the program with the initial UberPlus service – available in Seattle, Washington DC, Boston, Miami and San Diego – to make subscriptions available for shared rides. This will make the cost of travel even cheaper.


Below is a summary of the pros and cons of the unlimited Uber ride-share service:


  • They will be cheaper on average
  • They will be much more convenient
  • Great innovation for high volume users of the service.


  • Being as it is in its test phase, there is no guarantee that the program will make it into the regular Uber service.
  • The subscription only covers rides less than $20. Additional fares must be settled in the traditional way.
  • Applies for UberPool rides only
  • Might not experience the benefits if you’re not a high volume rider.

Perhaps what Uber need to do to make their idea more significant (and to avoid Lyft taking it, modifying it and beating them with it) is to try to extend its compatibility to use with ordinary Uber rides. For instance, they can introduce an upfront subscription of four or less rides in a week for people who believe they can hit the maximum but are less likely to exceed that.

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So, when can the rest of us use the service?

Extending the number of cities which can take advantage of the UberPlus program would be wise. This will make sure there are more people able to access the unlimited service.

Seemingly, the company has already thought of that, at least according to one of their representatives. Speaking to Forbes back in August, in the wake of the launch of Uber Plus, a speaker for the company made out that the program would be expanded if it thrived in the trial cities. However, international users should not expect the service in the very near future if previous innovations are anything to go by.

It appears, therefore, that Uber’s latest innovation is poised to expandUnlimited Uber Rides With Uber Pool their dominance of the taxi and ride-share industry. Once the few teething issues we have mentioned have been sorted, their unlimited ride option should make their service even more useful for the everyday user. Meanwhile, if you’re fortunate enough to live in New York City, you can be part of the testing process yourself. Sign up and get riding!


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