What Are Uber And Lyft?

What You Need To Know About Uber and Lyft Services

Uber and Lyft are two different, but similar, web-based cab services that you can access through your mwhat are uber and lyftobile phone. They connect you to a private driver who picks you up wherever you are and takes you to your chosen destination, whenever you please. Using an Uber or Lyft app, you are able to tell who your driver will be, where they are and how long it will take them to get to you. Once you book a car, your location is pinpointed by the GPS on your phone. The app can give you the estimated price of your ride, once you enter your final destination. Usually, you’re the one who chooses the size or luxuriousness of the car you want. All you need to do then is wait for your chosen ride to arrive.

The app also gives you the driver’s picture and their contact number, just in case you feel the need to use it. When the driver arrives and takes you to your destination, you won’t need to make a cash payment because the company already has your credit card details saved. After the ride, you will receive an email with a receipt of your payment. This is considered to be one of the best things about the services, from the passengers point of view. It’s interesting to note that Uber particularly are not as accepting of tips. They’re official company line on tipping is it is not strictly necessary. Although, you can still leave drivers of either service a cash tip, if you insist. So, let us examine the differences. This is “Uber Vs Lyft”!



Uber was started in 2009, in San Francisco and since then has spread far and wide globally. It is actually available in 212 cities in forty-five countries and its drivers are always licensed commercially to drive in whichever city they operate in. All payments go through the company and they base their fares either per mile or per minute. The best part is that passengers can split the fare depending on how many are using the service. They just have to select the relevant option on the app. Uber has different types of rides like the ones listed below:

UberX: These cars are regular cars, often Priuses. They’re not overly fancy and represent the low cost Uber option. This is the economical choice when you don’t need to ride in style. They can hold up to four passengers.

UberBLACK: This is the original Uber. It’s a premium option that is more expensive than UberX. This is a good idea if you’re going to a fancy place or an exclusive event. I like to use it when getting picked up from the airport, if it is available in that town.

UberXL: This ride is best if you’re traveling as a group because it will be cheaper than getting two regular vehicles. They can hold up to six passengers.

Uber SUV: This is the most expensive of the lot and is also better if you are traveling as a group.


Lyft was started in 2012 and is Ubers’ biggest competitor. It is currently only available in the US and in just sixty-four cities. Just like Uber, Lyft connects you to a driver using an app. The difference with Lyft is that you and the driver can rate each other. If the rating is below three stars then you will not be matched again. Lyft also encourages passengers to tip.

Lyft Fares

Currently, Lyft has two ways of charging, either with regular charges or donations and there are suggestions on the app for the riders to donate. Donations even act as payment in some cities like Madison, Austin and Orlando. If you are a cheap donor, then you’ll probably receive a poor rating. This in turn will make it harder to get a ride in the future.

So what are the different types of Lyft cars?

Lyft: This is the original service and they can fit up to four clients. For this service, you get licensed drivers to take you wherever you want to go. This service will work for anyone who just wants to get to their destination.

Lyft Line: These are only available in San Francisco and Los Angeles and they normally have a fixed price. The more passengers in your group, the cheaper the service will be. Passengers are picked up as a car goes along a busy route. Uber is testing this with UberPool in San Francisco as well.

Lyft Plus: These big vehicles accommodate up to six people and their luggage. The price is obviously higher but usually well worth it. If you and your friends have a destination and you need to bring stuff with you then this would be a wise choice for you.


So, there’s the facts about both services. I guess which one you opt for is down to your exact requirements. If you’re based outside of the US then the choice has been made for you. However, if Lyft is operational in your area then signing up to both services could be advantageous. You’ll have twice as many rides to choose from!


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