What Is An Uber Driver?

What is an Uber driverUber has gained almost unprecedented popularity globally. This is thanks to the prompt, useful service it provides to people looking for a comfortable means of transportation. It’s important to note that not all Uber drivers are the same and it’s good to know the different types available, as well as other basic information about Uber drivers in general.

Types of Uber Drivers

The type of Uber driver depends on the vehicle they drive. Not all types are available in every city. Here is a list of types of Uber drivers, including a description of the services they provide:


UberX drivers most likely own their own vehicles. This is the cheapest option when it comes to Uber services. It is also usually cheaper than a regular taxi ride.


UberXL drivers have a larger vehicle than UberX drivers. These drivers should be chosen if the user needs to transport up to six people in an SUV. The ride is a bit more expensive than that of an UberX. However, if all six seats are taken, it will work out cheaper than paying for two different UberX rides.


UberBlack drivers are private Types of Uber Driversdrivers you can contact without having to look for a random Uber vehicle. These drivers have high-end cars and offer a more professional service. You can expect drivers to have vehicles such as the Cadillac Escalade and Chevrolet Suburbans. These drivers charge more for the ride than the ones mentioned previously.


UberSUV drivers have vehicles that are somewhere inbetween UberXL and UberBlack. This means users of this service can expect high-end SUVs, just without the personalized service of UberBlack ones.


UberSelect drivers have cars that are very stylish. You can expect to ride in a Mercedes or BMW.


UberLUX drivers offer you the best Uber cars and service available. It’s an exclusive, expensive service that is mostly for the wealthiest or very special occasions.


The driver of an UberTaxi is the driver of a traditional taxi with the exception that you would be contacting them via the Uber app and not waving your arm at the side of the road.

Types of Uber drivers also vary depending on their rating. Riders can rate drivers so that other Uber users know what level of the service they can expect. Ratings are based on a 5-star rating system.


What Does an Uber Driver Do For a Living?

What Does an Uber Driver Do For a Living?As common sense dictates, an Uber Driver takes passengers from one location to another, using a vehicle. Some drivers may choose to work on a part-time basis and therefore have time outside of driving to dedicate to other jobs or recreational activities.

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